Odd Future - "Oldie" Video

Tom’s on his way to NYC’s Pop Conference — here’s his event, a panel about mixtapes, which he knows a little bit about — so I’m filling in today on the video beat. Even if he was around, he’s still probably overstimulated from that dizzying best K-Pop videos list he put together yesterday. Anyway, let’s do this, one time, for your mind, one time. SPOILER ALERT: No Madonna. Head below for this week’s five best videos.

5. Rye Rye – “Boom Boom” (Dir. ????)

Rye Rye’s new video dabbles in a tripped out, Sega Genesis-inspired landscape, which visually namechecks titles like Mortal Kombat and those Ecco The Dolphin games I could never figure out what the fuck to do in. Also, the track is borrowed heavily from a Vengaboys classic, which is either good or bad, depending on where you stand regarding Vengaboys classics.

4. Modeselektor – “Berlin” (Dir. François Chalet)

The animated clip for Modeselektor’s “Berlin” is good — it features a happy-go-lucky King Kong (or equivalent character, for copyright purposes) having fun while rampaging a cardboard city — the backstory of how it came to be is even better.

3. Tanlines – “All Of Me” (Dir. Julian Barratt)

As solid as these Tanlines videos are, what I really want is copies of the VHS tapes playing in “All Of Me” and “Brothers,” the latter featuring Jesse Cohen’s mute comedy special. Louis CK and Aziz specials are fine, but I would easily PayPal $5 for that puppy. You’re ignoring a revenue stream here, Tanlines.

2. Spiritualized – “Hey Jane” (Dir. AG Rojas)

Spirtualized pairs their really great new single with a stark, gripping video about a transwoman’s life that careens into a climactic, violent turn. A really good example of a video telling an affecting narrative that rephrases the tone of the song.

1. Odd Future – “Oldie” (Dir. Lance Bangs)

For a period where Odd Future’s output had gotten a little monotonous, it’s so good to see some of that original, hype-feeding energy that brought flocks of young fans to their doorstep appear in the new, impromptu clip for O.F. Tape Vol. 2 posse cut “Oldie.” No member is a liability, not even Jasper — “Hey it’s Jasper / Not even a rapper!” he begins — and Earl’s return reveals a dizzying, tongue-twisting verse that proves he’s not worse off from his extended exile (I mean, look at this thing. Jesus). And Frank, just, Frank. He’s the best.

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  1. But Tom doesn’t usually highlight the artist and video titles in pink. He uses blue.

    • Video sidenote: Anyone else kind of ticked that the Drake / Rihanna video for “Take Care” that was promised its debut today by the man known as Drizzy still hasn’t been released? It’s 3:00pm and traffic is about to dive on the east coast the closer we get to the end of the work day, so I’m guessing it’s a wait…

  2. Where’s the Skrillex video?

  3. I’m surprised “Hey Jane” made this list and “Time to Dance” wasn’t even considered last week. Well, I’m not surprised in the sense “OH ME GOD! YOU GUISE R CREY-Z” but more in the sense “Dude, what´s deal?”. Well, actually it’s not that big of a deal.

    Totally agree with your number one choice.

  4. Spiritualized use director of EARL video to make a great music video for a great song with a 5 minute single take camera shot.

    Odd Future make a great music video for a great (the best?) song with a 10 minute single take camera shot.

    I love that.

  5. OF is fun again!! Also, Frank Ocean might be the coolest person on the planet right now

  6. Glad I wasn’t the only who couldn’t figure out what the fuck to do in Ecco the Dolphin! Fuckin vortex.

  7. I was half expecting to see Tim and Eric in that Rye Rye video, and yeah WTF Ecco the Dolphin!

  8. That’s a Spiritualized win for me (I’m sure some people could have done with a ‘NSFW’ though). Good to see the best thing OFWGKTA have produced since Yonkers too. Having said that, any points you earned by not including any K-Pop this week were cancelled out by the inclusion of Rye Rye.

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