Producer Claims Weeknd Rips Him Off

Way back when Drake’s October’s Very Own blog posted the initial batch of songs by the Weeknd — “What You Need,” “Loft Music” and “The Morning (Original Version)” — the songs’ production was credited to a Jeremy Rose, who eventually split off from the Weeknd project. In a recent Vice interview, Rose reveals that stuff is, well, not cool with his alleged former partner.

VICE: Right. When you two first met, was Abel’s creative direction heading in the same direction it has been over the past year?
ROSE: No. When I met him I heard some of the stuff that he was doing. It was called the Noise. Remember that? It came out after he broke. It was this group, with him and another producer and it was called the Noise. They were a straight kind of R&B, just really light and kind of candlelight… [sings] “I wanna see you in your birthday suit”… And I was just like, “Aw, fuck that shit. No man, let’s talk about, fuckin’ and getting too high and trying to fuck bitches and it not working out. Let’s get really grimy about it.”

Hmmm. He continues:

VICE: If you Google around a bit, there are certain blogs that do give you credit—the early adopters, I guess.
ROSE: Yeah, but that’s because they were the ones who were [up on us immediately]. It was Jeremy Rose and Abel Tesfaye. It took a long time for it to turn around because it was all word of mouth. To the early blogs, I was still part of the group. But then when the New York Times and all the big guys started covering it—

VICE: They were writing about it like it was some mysterious project, like Daft Punk or something. “Who is the Weeknd?”
ROSE: It was just Abel and his tracks…

Read the whole thing here. Not being a devil’s advocate here, because the Weeknd has obviously tacked down a slew of lucrative show bookings like Coachella, but with regard to this slice of the interview:

VICE: So you haven’t received a cent from anything the Weeknd has released?
ROSE: No, not yet. We’ll work on it.

Since Weeknd’s albums are available for free, I don’t think Tesfaye has made a cent off of the recordings themselves. But yeah, dude has a case if this all stands up.

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  1. I blame Drake.

  2. It could be true, but usually I never trust anyone 1) Dressed in grey from head to toe 2) Who looks like my friend’s junior year college roommate, a chronic masturbating computer science major and 3) Whose best idea for a press photo is getting cozy with some house plants.

    Also, while House of Balloons was free, I do believe Tesfaye has stated that all three mixes would be released physically this year, which is where this case could get dicey.

  3. Pretty weak when one of your main arguments is

    “”And I was just like, “Aw, fuck that shit. No man, let’s talk about, fuckin’ and getting too high and trying to fuck bitches and it not working out. Let’s get really grimy about it.””


    “Hey B.B. King, ah man forget about all that. I have this idea for your next album. Why don’t you sing about how your woman left you and you have the blues from it”.

  4. First, this better be the homepage “Where’s the Beef?” cause this is way more interesting/compelling/mysterious/dramatic than Black Keys maybe or maybe not apologizing to Nickelback about something.

    Second, these people all sound like assholes.

  5. Always keeping the white man down.

  6. So you mean to tell me the dude who’s internet famous for writing lyrics about sexually coercing women might be some kind of douchebag? You don’t say.

  7. Well The Weeknd isn’t signed so it’s not like he’s getting a lot of money…

    • you obviously aren’t familiar with how this industry works. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah weren’t signed when they released their self-titled success….which meant they got all the money from sales because they didnt have to share it with a label.
      “then, why did they eventually sign to a label?” you may ask…well, because there are advantages to getting representation like that; marketing muscle, financial investments, business mgmt, exposure

  8. Does anyone else feel like all that money the money is the motive?

  9. I went to a show last night in Toronto. Zodiac (Jeremy Rose) was one of the headliners. All the opening bands (except for BADBADNOTGOOD,) were clearly trying to ride this R&B thing. Each act had some dude standing behind an apple laptop queuing up moody electro R&B beats in Ableton and a white MC trying to sound like Able or Drake. It was pretty corny, to be honest. BADBADNOTGOOD knocked it out of the park though.

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