Best Coast - The Only Place

Best Coast’s leadoff single to their new record is the title track “The Only Place,” a lovelorn ode to her home state. “Why would you live anywhere else?” Bethany Cosentino asks, and then she lists some reasons why you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else (spoiler: the beach!). She’s definitely sticking to that rendering-of-California-plus-animal cover motif, you’ll notice. Download it below.

The single is out today on iTunes.The Only Place is out 5/15 on Mexican Summer.

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  1. Ahh, there’s that warm, sunny country glow she was talking about.

    Also, the album art — I saw a t-shirt just like it advertised in this Sunday’s Target circular. I don’t think it’s an original concept.

  2. This is 90s roadtrip movie montage soundtrack material right here.

  3. Take that, Death Cab.

  4. Merry summer, everyone.

  5. This is her worst single to date. It sounds like one of the filler tracks from an old rilo Kiley album. This album is going to be terrible I think.

    • “We were born with sun in our teeth and in our hair”

      Despite consisting of monosyllabic words, all of which (with the exception, perhaps, of “teeth”) are quintessential members of the Best Coast dictionary, it’s a bit of a strange lyric! It had me wondering, for a moment, if Best Coast lyrics are going to undergo a mild stylistic shift, become more engaging, become less vapid, or stop relying on lazy rhymes…then “stare” was rhymed with “hair” and all my hopes were dashed.

      Best Coast lyrics have always been weak – I would not be able to tolerate most of them, save for a few, should they not be apropos of the Best Coast sound. The melodies are typically gorgeous, the rhythms are usually insistent and charmingly naive. Bethany was occasionally a bit malicious, she would kill you if only she wouldn’t miss you afterwards.

      In this song, the worst thing about Best Coast appears in uglier form and everything good about the band is, to my ears, absent.

      So yeah, this is probably the worst Best Coast song and the album is probably going to be terrible.

      I really hope I am wrong about the album.

  6. gone with the lo-fi, its not a bad transition

    • I don’t know about that… one of the thing I loved about her, was that extremely hazy sound with way too much reverb for most people

      ….with that said, I don’t think this is a bad track, but on the other side it’s definitely not Best Coast at their best

  7. This is pretty disappointing considering how much this was hyped up as a “grown up” record. Sounds like filler material for the next teen summer rom-com trailer.

  8. This song is rad. Catchy as hell.

    Though I will say there are plenty of other awesome places to live besides California.

  9. I was born in California. Perhaps I should go back?

  10. I like the way they through the riff from ‘Boyfriend’ in during the chorus, in case you feel like listening to that song at the same time.

  11. This will sound great in context with the rest of the album.

  12. This sounds like Rebecca Black after her first joint.
    “We have fun we have fun we have fun when we please”

  13. The only place fails as an album title and a song, kind of a letdown after Crazy For You was a good album title and song.

  14. Really surprised by how much I like this. Totally destroys every track on her shitty debut.

  15. i could live in San Francisco, but never LA. What’s so great about it? It’s home to TMZ, Tom Cruise, and American Idol. Talk about shit hole.

  16. How much does the CA tourism board pay for song licensing again?

    Oh, and that bear should be playing California like a guitar, and wearing a wig, and making up really juvenile rhymes.

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