Macy Gray - Covered

Today, scratchy-voiced soul singer Macy Gray releases her new album Covered, which, naturally enough, consists mostly of covers. Most of those covers are fairly WTF in nature, including a version of Colbie Callait’s “Bubbly” that features motherfucking Idris Elba. Stringer Bell! Singing “Bubbly”! And below, we’ve got streams of Gray’s versions of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps,” Radiohead’s “Creep,” and Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up,” as well as the tracklist.



“Wake Up” (live version from 2010):

01 “Here Comes The Rain Again” (Eurythmics cover)
02 “Creep” (Radiohead cover)
03 “You Want Them Nervous (Skit)” [feat. J.B. Smoove]
04 “Smoke 2 Joints” [Sublime cover]
05 “La La La (Teaching the Kids)” [feat. Layann Al Saud, Avery Albert, Happy Hinds & Sienna Steiber]
06 “Teenagers” (My Chemical Romance cover)
07 “The Power Of Love” [Feat. Hugh Salk]
08 “Nothing Else Matters” [Metallica cover]
09 “Sail” [Awolnation cover]
10 “I Try Is Cool And All, But (Skit)” [feat. Nicole Scherzinger]
11 “Maps” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
12 “Love Lockdown”/”Buck” (Kanye West/Nina Simone cover)
13 “Mel Rap” [feat. Mel Hinds]
14 “Bubbly” [feat. Idris Elba] (Colbie Callait cover)
15 “Wake Up” (Arcade Fire cover)
16 “Really (Skit)” [feat. MC Lyte]

Covered is out now on 429.

Comments (16)
  1. Man, these are awful. What happened to her? (Answer: Marijuana abuse.)

  2. Oh, Macy…

  3. f@#k, somehow I had gone 2 (happy) years without seeing that horrible Arcade Fire cover

  4. I only made it as far as the record scratches in the “Wake Up” cover. “NO,” I said.

  5. smoke 2 joints is a cover of the toyes, sublime’s version was a cover nine years after the original.

  6. Macy, you’re awesome but this? Nah, brah… :/

  7. the bridge of that Maps cover is truly WTF.

    “Oh maps/I need the direction to your heart”


  8. Man, on one hand, that drop shadow is just awful.
    On the other hand, it’s kinda nice when the graphic design is a good indicator of the quality that lurks inside.

  9. I just puked a little.

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