Sigur Rós - Valtari

Just this morning, Sigur Rós confirmed details on a forthcoming LP Valtari. Amongst those details are a May 28th release date, a seven-song tracklist, and the band calling the material “floaty,” “minimal,” and “introverted.” This first single, “Ekki Múkk” is in fact serene and tear-jearky and floaty as hell, veering away from their brand of epic, brassy bombast, and confirming that Sigur Rós stay great at being Sigur Rós. Hear it, as your mind’s eye flashes to visions of your childhood rendered through an Instagram filter:

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Everything I want/expect from a Sigur Rós.

  2. Sigur Ros returns? So there is a God.


  4. Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  5. Breathtaking.

  6. I really needed this today. So good.

  7. I really want to listen to this, but alas, im on my phone.

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  9. This is the album I expected after Takk…
    A further exploration of the ambient floaty sound they incorporated so much in Takk… for the first time.
    But then they went in the completely other direction and made the best album in their career, með suð í eyrum….

    I feel like this is the same style as in the Riceboy Sleeps album, but that’s just a first listen assumption.

    Looking forward to the whole album and seeing how it’s gonna be live !

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    • That campfire is using Tyler the Creator as firewood. Burns faster.

      • Hey man no need to bring down Tyler. You’re stooping to his level. This is Sigur Ros we’re listening too. We should just close our eyes let the music engulf us and pity those who do not get to share our amazing experiences.

        Sigur Ros’ music is above the hate.

    • (implying that OFWKGTA SWAG SWAG SWAG GOLF WANG NIGGA isn’t gibberish)

    • Troll troll troll..loves to be fed….

    • I hate feeding the trolls but damn son if you are going to be an ass at least try a little bit.

      Theremins? Really? Find a Sigur Ros song with a theremin in it and that might validate your shit a little.

      Lazy troll is lazy.

    • Those “hippies” will leave a legacy that people will look back on and revere despite the existence of people like you. Chances are, that’s still excessively better than what you can achieve with your trolling. You can be as irreverent as you want if it helps you get through another night with your insubstantial existence. But the fact will remain the same, you are still beneath these so called “hippies.”

    • Last time I took my theremin to a campfire, I burned my “Waaaaahhhhooooo” hand. The hippies just laughed and played Sigur Ros songs all night. . .

      Next up, “In Defense of Campfire Hippies”. Anyone? Tom?

      And please don’t criticize rubjohn for his bottom five aspirations. At least he has a goal. . .but don’t facilitate. The best thing you can do is not click that thumbsdown icon. No downvotes = no bottom five.

  11. Was lucky enough to see them perform in London in 2003 @ the Hammersmith. a.) looking back at the 2003 tour I’m shocked there was only 2 UK dates, one of which was a glastonbury b.) i’ve seen A LOT of live acts across a myriad of genres, that show still ranks as one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen in my life c.) this track is one of the more beautiful songs i’ve heard from any 2012 released thus far, great stuff.

  12. This is brilliant. Can’t wait for the new album… 5/28 is a long wait

  13. have been waiting for this for a very very long time……it is the best part of my day and night!!!

  14. Take it easy with the rose-glassed gushing, people…it’s really not that good nor is it much different than what’s been done already.

    I’m all for ambient whale love songs but enough is enough with this senseless Sigur ros fanboydom.

    • “it’s really not that good nor is it much different than what’s been done already.”

      I know it’s elementary but I think you’re one of those people who should know that this statement you just gave, it’s called an opinion. NOT A FACT.

      “I’m all for ambient whale love songs but enough is enough with this senseless Sigur ros fanboydom.”

      What’s really senseless is you thinking that such statements can dissuade other people from praising music that they actually like. Get over it.

      • What about the “fuktrunks” moniker leads you to believe that a rational conversation is in order here? Oh, and also, while we’re on the subject of futility: “FACT” is not the opposite of “opinion”. That’s just lazy syntactical criticism.

        But that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

        • Is the C key broken on your keyboard?

          • I’m not sure about ole fuktrunks’ keyboard, but my”c” is missing, altogether. I’ve had to use the “O” then photoshop out part of it to use it as a “C” (just had to do it there), then use a photoshopped “o” for a “c”. It’s a real bit*h, but totally worth it to post meaningless *omments to a stream about a band that I am lukewarm toward (at best).

            White people problems.

          • Eldave, I definitely meant to reply to Fu(c)kTrunks, but even though it’s in the wrong place, TWO downvotes? Why? Why don’t you just tell me why? I’m curious. Is there something wrong with your mouse? Is the upvote click button on your mousepad broken.

          • Brother, I would never downvote a fellow poster (nor do I upvote fellow posters). You got me; in terms of the downvotes. I have no idea what happened there. Maybe fuktrunks has some fans out there to go along with all the other fanboys up in here!

          • But now that you mention it, my goddamn upvote click button is broken! Every time I try to upvote someone, they get two downvotes, instead! What are you, clairvoyant or some shit?

      • actually, deadlines…
        “it’s really not that good” is the only opinion part of that sentence. “nor is it much different than what’s been done already” can be measured and is, in fact, correct. this song is not that much different than what they’ve been doing…and the state of something differing from another is quantifiable…this still applies to music.
        i think Stuart put it well, below:
        “This just sounds like they’re rehashing old ideas. It kinda seems hollow, like its a decaying husk of they’re trade mark sound.”

        • Except that “they’re” is a contacted version of they are, when Stuart clearly meant to type “their” the collective possessive pronoun meant to replace “those theremin playing fireside hippies.”

          (Let’s just see what happens, freshie, downvoters usually love grammar nazi assholes on the board.)

  15. I’m sorry but after Jonsi went solo I was expecting something different from Sigur Ros. This just sounds like they’re rehashing old ideas. It kinda seems hollow, like its a decaying husk of they’re trade mark sound.

  16. can we get a premature evaluation already?

  17. This song is rad.

  18. I donno. I like the sound as usual, but is kinda all the time the same thing, as haneke movies.

  19. ‘that Bon Iver dude’ just sobbed from jealousy…then decided to do his next video there to somehow makeup for it…and is trying in vain to learn Icelandic:)

  20. best birthday ever!

  21. fuckin rad! more songs should be about elves and shit. im applying to elf school next year, sigur ros inspires me.

  22. This song deserves an appropriate accompanying gif

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