Loiter Squad

Last night, the world got to see the debut episode of Loiter Squad, Odd Future’s new Adult Swim sketch-comedy series and obviously something the world needed very badly. That first episode isn’t online in any sort of easily embeddable way, but you can watch it by heading over to the Adult Swim website and entering your cable information, if you do in fact have cable. To get a peek at it, click here.

UPDATE: Here’s an embed:

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  1. Funniest show on tv at the moment

  2. they corpse more than high 7th graders in a school play.

  3. Not gonna feel right until RJ weighs in on this one

  4. Not gonna lie I laughed a little but this is just as pointless as a lot of shows on adult swim. I’d rather watch Steve Brule.

  5. You can really see the Beach House influence at work here.

  6. Close but no cigar! I have Cox Internet, but no Cable. My television is just rigged up to a PS3 for DVDs/Blu-Rays/Netflix and that’s all the TV I can afford, because Internet.

    Time to go surf the Black Market for a download or something. I would like to see this!

  7. Shows funnier than this show? Most.

  8. Jeff Tremaine is involved. Should have known.

  9. Elyse Howdershell  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012 -1

    Ha true, true. Have you seen this vid of the Toronto tour? http://bit.ly/FRxZB8

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