Damon Albarn - Dr. Dee

Dr. Dee is the name of Damon Albarn’s new opera, because of course Damon Albarn has a new opera. The man stays busy! On May 8th, Albarn will release the studio album version of the opera’s music, and “The Marvelous Dream” is a cut from it. One thing to note: Damon the opera singer sounds an awful lot like Damon the everything-else singer. (This of course is not a slag, as he’s probably written four more operas in the time it’s taken me to write this post. Respect.) Hear the very Damon Albarn-y slow jam “The Marvelous Dream” below, set to images of moving traffic in black and white:

The Dr. Dee opera soundtrack is out 5/8 via Virgin.

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  1. I’ll give it a YEP.

  2. I’m late to the Damon party. Too late for Britpop, but I liked a few Blur jams here and there and was a big fan of gorilllaz (obvs) but increasingly I am realizing Damon is the fucking man and has been for a couple of decades. looking forward to everything (esp. under the westway)

  3. sounds about as worthless as Graham’s solo shitE…get it out of your system laddies, FOR GOOD and get on with it, OI OI OI BLUR BLUR BLUR!!! :)

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