The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver - "Ashes In The Air"

As previously reported, on Record Store Day the Flaming Lips will release a double LP of collaborations called The Flaming Lips And Heavy Fwends. Featured on the comp is a diverse array of folks including Nick Cave, Chris Martin, Lightning Bolt, Yoko Oko, Ke$ha, and Bon Iver, who you can hear on the track “Ashes In The Air” below while you peruse the lyrics above.

(via psychexfutureheart)

The Flaming Lips And Heavy Fwends is out via Warner Bros 4/21. Wayne Coyne tells MTV there may also be a limited edition that will contain his collaborators’ blood:

“What I’m going to try to do — and I’m collecting stuff for it as we speak — is I’m going to try to make a record that has every person’s blood in the record. I don’t have everybody’s blood just yet, but I collected quite a few vials of blood and it’s actually sitting in my refrigerator as we speak.”

You probably already assumed as much.

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  1. Looks like he traded the cabin in the woods for a cabin in space.

  2. This is amazing. Holy shit, I am really excited for this album

    • I’m really excited, too dude – wait a fucking second…does that say robot dogs? Ahh comon, Wayne…I love you but again with more robots??

      Commence the listening

  3. The video and lyric sheet above is via (how do I know? because I uploaded them…)
    Check out updates there or at!/futureheartday (and trust me, there are many more updates on the way).
    In the meantime, here’s full details and backstory on the blood vinyl (like if you ever wanted to see Neon Indian give bodily fluids to Wayne)

  4. This is badass!

  5. That’s pretty cool about the blood and vinyl. I always wanted to get AIDS from Ke$ha. Now’s my chance!

  6. My ears are confused.

  7. Oh Justin…why did you have to do it?! While Bon Iver is amazing to say the least, Bon Iver and The Flaming Lips? Not so cool…

  8. “…but they had robot dogs.” Classic Justin Vernon subtlety

  9. Flight of the Conchords present: Bowie’s In Space 2 (ft. Wayne & Justin)

  10. There are swear words up there! How did this get past my internet content blocker???

  11. you guys will slurp up any slop that justin vernon decides to spew out his asshole, won’t you?

    • Replace Justin Vernon with Wayne Coyne, and the answer is yes, yes I will.

    • Replace Justin Vernon & Wayne Coyne with any member of Odd Future Wolfgang von Disaster Movie, and I will slurp it through a straw, spew it through a funnel, repackage it in non-biodegradable platic, and sell it to the angry white mob.

  12. yeah. this really kinda sucked.

  13. Bon Iver & Flaming Lips. Ahhhhh, goes together like peanut butter and rubberjohnny’s love for downvotes.

  14. Love them both but this track doesn’t sound fully formed…

  15. I really dig the chorus, but the verse sounds a bit ‘meh’.

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