Garbage - "Battle In Me"

The former modern rock radio dominators Garbage are all set to return with Not Your Kind Of People, their first album since 2005. We’ve already heard “Blood For Poppies” and a quick clip of “I Hate Love.” And after the jump, we’ve got a stream of the gleaming, charged-up “Battle In Me,” which will serve as the album’s first single in the UK. Garbage still play like 1997 never ended, and there’s something weirdly inspiring about that.

Not Your Kind Of People is out 5/15 on the band’s own STUNVOLUME label.

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  1. Alternative Radio Top 20 Top Songs of 1997

    1. Sex And Candy- Marcy Playground (454/30/1)
    2. Walkin’ On The Sun- Smash Mouth (427/29/1)
    3. Semi-Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind (384/30/1)
    4. Fly- Sugar Ray (367/26/1)
    5. Everlong- Foo Fighters (336/24/3)
    6. Everything To Everyone- Everclear (330/25/1)
    7. The Impression That I Get- Mighty Mighty Bosstones (327/25/1)
    8. Push- Matchbox 20 (299/22/1)
    9. One Headlight- Wallflowers (277/20/1)
    10. If You Could Only See- Tonic (274/23/3)
    11. The Freshmen- Verve Pipe (271/19/1)
    12. Tubthumping- Chumbawamba (262/16/1)
    13. Santeria- Sublime (246/20/3)
    14. Wrong Way- Sublime (235/23/3)
    15. Lakini’s Juice- Live (233/14/1)
    16. Staring At The Sun- U2 (208/14/1)
    17. Turn My Head- Live (205/15/3)
    18. Criminal- Fiona Apple (205/19/4)
    19. Touch, Peel And Stand- Days Of The New (205/22/8)
    20. 3 A.M.- Matchbox 20 (200/18/3)
    21. # 1- Crush- Garbage (193/14/1)
    22. All Mixed Up- 311 (180/18/4)
    23. Hitchin’ A Ride- Green Day (172/14/5)
    24. Building A Mystery- Sarah McLachlan (171/16/3)
    25. Greedy Fly- Bush (163/14/3)
    26. The Difference- Wallflowers (163/14/5)
    27. Thirty-Three- Smashing Pumpkins (162/13/2)
    28. Abuse Me- Silverchair (161/12/4)
    29. Gone Away- Offspring (161/14/4)
    30. Not An Addict- K’s Choice (153/18/5)
    31. 6 Underground- Sneaker Pimps (153/16/7)
    32. A Long December- Counting Crows (152/13/5)
    33. D’You Know What I Mean?- Oasis (151/12/4)
    34. Volcano Girls- Veruca Salt (149/18/8)
    35. It’s No Good- Depeche Mode (147/13/4)
    36. Mouth- Bush (147/14/5)
    37. Don’t Go Away- Oasis (146/12/5)
    38. Discotheque- U2 (145/8/1)
    39. Song 2- Blur (145/17/6)
    40. B**ch- Meredith Brooks (140/13/4)
    41. Precious Declaration- Collective Soul (124/12/8)
    42. The End Is The Beginning Is The End- Smashing Pumpkins (119/9/4)
    43. Your Woman- White Town (119/11/5)
    44. The Rascal King- Mighty Mighty Bosstones (118/12/7)
    45. Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters (104/11/9)
    46. The New Pollution- Beck (102/11/9)
    47. Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band (94/12/7)
    48. Wrong Number- Cure (91/10/8)
    49. Sell Out- Reel Big Fish (82/12/10)
    50. Lovefool- Cardigans (81/10/9)

    • Wow, I feel like I’m 12 again. That list brings back all kinds of memories.

    • The Rascal King had radio airplay?

      • I remember hearing it a ton due to the popularity of “The Impression That I Get.” Another Bosstones’ single of there’s that got regular rotation around my area was “Royal Oil.” I’m surprised Blink 182′s “Dammit (Growing Up” isn’t on there, though.

    • hahahaha lakinin’s juice

    • Whoa.
      It’s so weird to think that all this actually kind of was a while ago by now. I thought I was getting a little more used to this getting older business, but nope, still weird.

      Also, I find it interesting what this list says to me about the restrictiveness of FM radio… 1997 was the year that I started getting into modern music, yet there are so many songs on this list that I was only vaguely aware of… and really that was probably just from the small handful of MTV and VH1 shows that played music outside of the top 10 (I guess that was a year or two before you could only see these things on 120 Minutes, once). But yeah, no way any of the radio stations (at least where I was growing up) played 50 different songs by primarily different artists.

  2. Crazy that most of the bands on this list are still actively touring (and draw crowds). In fact, in 1997, I wouldn’t have believed anyone who said “Hey man, so in 15 years, Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth, Marcy Playground and Sugar Ray will still be touring. Oasis? Not a fucking chance.”

  3. hmmm I prefer Blood for Poppies but I don’t hate this. I just want them to come out strong as I really adore me some garbage. not sure if this is their best bet for their first single in years

  4. a LOT better than the first single, but need to hear the album as a whole, and NOT in worthless 160kb computer speaker form.

  5. btw, 1997 probably was the peak of the 90s, musically, or for me i’d go 98. but either way 1993-1998 was an amazing era, ridiculous amounts of great bands/singers everywhere.

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