Chromatics - Kill For Love

Bleary-eyed Pacific Northwestern Italo impressionists Chromatics spent forever working on their 90-minute opus Kill For Love, only to drop it on iTunes with minimal fanfare on Monday. We promptly named it our Album Of The Week, and many of our regular comments-section heads went even further, calling it one of the year’s best. Right now, you can stream the entire album as one vast 90-minute Soundcloud chunk below.

(via Some Kind Of Awesome)

Kill For Love is out now on Italians Do It Better.

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  1. What Tom says is true. I went as far to say that Ceremony’s #1 spot on my list is now in jeopardy, then picked myself up the physical CD copy for the keepings on on Italians Do It Better’s store for a measly $7.39. I take it that’s less than what it costs for the invisible version on iTunes, although I haven’t checked.

  2. After Michael_ informed me of Kill For Love being physically available for less than the iTunes version (however, the 14-minute closer ‘No Escape’ is not on the physical version) I Internet-dashed over to Italians Do It Better store.

    I picked up Chromatics, Symmetry & Desire on CD for under 25 buxx.

    It’s nice to support a band that is actually on an independent label ran by one of the guys in the band. This to me is one of those great feelings you get from supporting real indie music.

    Really glad Tom gave this album a second post this week on Stereogum. Everyone needs to know about this album.

    • I think this will be 2012′s unexpected successful indie album no one saw coming. As my epic rant yesterday on writing / tweeting culture hinted at (A hilarious read, if not because I’ve burned the candle at both ends this week, thus my thoughts are a bit exhausted but at least for the very helpful perspective provided by highly underrated and possible 2012 breakthrough commenter “kerda”,) there’s already backlash against the album coming from some reputable “indie” critics out there. I think that’s just them being grumpy because the band is deservedly on the cusp of breaking through in a poppier context.

      • Or maybe it’s because they didn’t like the album?

        • I think it’s because there’s a secret indie critic mafia, hiding in the bowels of the tri-state area. It’s a seedy, corrupt underground (music) community and Johnny Jewel is about to get both legs broken for …

          • Do you really think that’ll be true? I know the GvB guys are all over this album, and Pitchfork also seems stoked on it. I haven’t read a review on it yet, but I’d really be surprised to hear that, mostly b/c it’s so spot-on, but also b/c it seems to have a nice buzz around it. Idk.

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