Maximo Park - The National Health

British postpunkers Maxïmo Park are about to return with The National Health, their fourth album and their first in about three years. The album’s title track is the sort of runaway jittery guitar anthem that we’re not getting quite so often from the UK’s postpunk revivalists anymore. Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “When I Was Wild”
02 “The National Health”
03 “Hips And Lips”
04 “The Undercurrents”
05 “Write This Down”
06 “Reluctant Love”
07 “Until The Earth Would Open”
08 “Banlieue”
09 “This Is What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted”
10 “Wolf Among Men”
11 “Take Me Home”
12 “Unfamiliar Places”
13 “Waves of Fear”
(via NME)

The National Health is out 6/11.

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  1. Not a slam against the band, but I very much forgot about them. There was that whole trend in 2004 – 2005 right after Gang of Four had reunited and a new class British post-punk bands arrived with really strong debuts (Art Brut, Maximo Park, The Futureheads.) It seemed like they lost the attention of the indie audience just as quickly, or at least it seemed here in America.

    This actually is a pretty decent listen, and again — not a slam against them — but if it were 2005, I think that year’s post-punk revivalism trend would benefit it more than does today in 2012.

  2. I’m hoping from a bounce back from the last record which truly was un-listenable. Fingers crossed!

  3. Yeah A Certain Trigger and Our Earthly Pleasures were so so solid, while Quicken The Heart was whoa disappointing. This sounds more promising than anything that was on there so…I’m excited to hear more!

  4. They’re one of those bands who clearly aren’t ‘greats’ by any means but I’ve got an inexplicable soft spot for. Plus, twenty burly men couldn’t hold me down from hitting the dancefloor when Our Velocity comes on.

  5. I missed these guys.. ^^

  6. Much agreed with most everyone here – they aren’t an amazing band, but I somehow love their output. I was incredibly disappointed with Quicken the Heart; had it been a strong album, they could’ve really had an impact. As it was, they disappeared. Thankfully, this is about as good of a comeback as anyone could’ve hoped for, and I for one am eagerly looking forward to their next album.

  7. I just like everything they’ve done so far. I guess that, and my similar feelings about Badly Drawn Boy, officially voids me ever working for Pitchfork

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