Cassie - "King Of Hearts"

Kanye West remixes usually means he jumps on someone else’s song and spits a quick verse, but this is something else. Mr. West has remixed “King Of Hearts,” an electro-pop single from Diddy girlfriend and futuristic fashion-plate Cassie, turning it into a monolithic dance banger and making a pretty good case that he could make a dance record anytime he felt like it. Listen below.

Remember Cassie’s “Me & U“? Man, I loved that song.

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  1. this was cool but it could have really used a snare on 2 and 4 at some point. the whole thing felt like a buildup with no payoff. could work nicely as part of a dj set, though.

  2. Yeezy World Peace

  3. Yeezy should have done more with that… or, you know, rapped on it.

  4. cassie has some jams – it just takes her 6 years to find someone to make them

  5. Is the title of the album “Fuck 4 tracks”?

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