This week we heard new tunes from Sigur Rós, Japandroids, The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver, and Dirty Projectors. Great songs deserve great comments, and you guys didn’t disappoint. After the jump, check out the highest and lowest rated comments of the past seven days as chosen by your clicks.


#10 Michael_ | Mar 27th Score:14
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#9 crania americana | Mar 23rd Score:15

May I propose a new “Shut Up, Dude” category for best new screen name and prematurely give the lifetime achievement award to “big-swinging-d-69″?

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Ben Cornell | Mar 29th Score:16

nice going, stereogum. you’ve angered unintentional mario.

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Robert Miller | Mar 29th Score:16

Seriously…what the hell is up with this list?! Nicki Minaj? Regardless of the fact that it’s Nicki Minaj, it’s also just a remix album…who gives a shit?

And aren’t The XX coming out with a new albums soon. How is that not on this list?

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#6 Michael_ | Mar 23rd Score:17


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#5 djfreshié | Mar 27th Score:19

Weird Al: Like a Surgeon

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Scott Otto | Mar 26th Score:23

you should be doing that in the bathroom.

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#3 Michael_ | Mar 27th Score:24

That’s pretty cool about the blood and vinyl. I always wanted to get AIDS from Ke$ha. Now’s my chance!

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#2 crania americana | Mar 26th Score:25

You can really see the Beach House influence at work here.

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#5 rubberjohnny0829 | Mar 25th Score:-11

sell outs

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#3 rubberjohnny0829 | Mar 26th Score:-14

Just a bunch of hippies sitting around a campfire singing gibberish and playing with theremins.

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Robert Miller | Mar 29th Score:-15

Also, no Rufus Wainwright “Out of the Game”???

And how is Fiona Apple first and Neil Young & Crazy Horse last “in alphabetical order”?

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#1 eviceration | Mar 26th Score:-15

can someone explain this music? it’s long, drawn out, and the melody isn’t catchy

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adddo | Mar 29th Score:6

Quick, add the Walkmen before anyone else notices!

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tom | Mar 26th Score:5

Memory Tapes, Weird Tapes, Memory Cassette. Also, it’s my inalienable right as a rock critic to make up genre names whenever I feel like it.

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  1. Goddamn, Robert. I don’t know whether to like, dislike, upvote, downvote, or just feel neutral. . .Confusing but ultimately impressive performance.

    • Why wasn’t Robert Miller co-#1 for lowest rated??? He had the same score as eviceration. He would have been # 1 for highest and lowest rated, no way that ever happens again. Way to rob a man of immortality Stereogum…

      • Seriously, because eviceration’s comment isn’t even that bad. It seems like he honestly wanted someone to explain the music to him and instead everyone said “FUCK YOU! HOW DAAARRREEE YOU QUESTION SIGUR ROS!!!!!”

        Also Evic’s avatar is Eric Wareheim from Universe sketch, which makes me lawl so hard.

        Sorry Evic! Wish I would’ve upvoted you at the last minute!

        • I was pretty sure that comment was also sarcastic, which is why those downvotes were so mental. Oh Stereogum! You just don’t get it sometimes. That’s why, from now on, I will apply the Interrobang (‽) whenever I’m making a joke. That way, you know if I’m making a joke. For example:

          “Hey guys! What’s the deal with Skrillex? Are we loving that guy now or what?! Talented, well groomed, and overall very likable not-emo young gent‽”

          • freshie-

            what is the ALT + numpad combination to get that special symbol?

          • I’ve never learned, truly. I google “Interrobang” and then CTRL-C wherever it comes up. Sounds like a horribly roundabout way to get it, but I will never tire of typing out the word “Interrobang.” Or whispering it softly into the wind as if I’m setting it free with my breath to diffuse into the universe. “Interrobang. Interrobang. Interrobang.”

      • The tool that helps us build this post weighs ties by listing them reverse chronologically, so I can’t overwrite unfortunately. We’ll work on that…

    • robert isn’t about to put up with any of your bullshit and this week the ppl said “fukkin yesh bro, tell it like it is.” and it paid off in spades – he came thru lookin clean dominating both the luvluv and booboo comments like a case of Linsanity – but can he do it again?
      robby’s got a lot of thinking to do this weekend and the performance anxiety is likely to be palpable. good luck robbie, heavy is the king’s head that wears the king’s crown king’s (TWSS where head = peen and crown = jimmy hat)


  2. Sorry, Johnny, you’re going to have to hate Sigur Ros a helluva lot better than that to get ahead on this list.

  3. Dear Michael(s),

    I just wanted to cue you (all) in on my stupid new joke: You The Michael Now Dawg!

    It originated (in my head) from the Stereogum/Throne joke: “I’m Michael, take your pick: Robenalt… Underscore…”

    That joke STILL makes me LAWL SO HARD.

    But then last week, Michael was feeling out shined by Michael (understandable, Michael’s a baus commenter). Then, in the Flips/Bon Iver thread, Michael dropped that awesome AIDS/Kesha comment, beating our Michael’s “Bon Iver records in a cabin” comment.

    So I decided to celebrate Michael’s comment for out Michaeling the Michaels. From now on (the next two weeks tops prolly) I will be rewarding ALL of Stereogum’s Michaels with YTMND’s for Achievement in Michael Commenting.

    Just wanted to explain myself, because I love all our Michaels.


    • I’m flattered, humbled and honored to be a part of the Michaelcore movement in the Stereogum comment section. Helpful hint: You can usually (but not always) tell which Michaels are decent Michaels because they insist on being called “Michael” and not “Mike.”

      The weird thing is — I thought I had such a terrible week (because I did have a terrible week) but I’ve somehow managed to grab three of the top 10 spots. World, you make no sense sometimes…

      Anyway, thanks for putting up with my bullshit. It gets me through the week, in all sincerity.

      Also, Abe Vigoda has been added to Coachella on Friday.

      • You done did good Michael_ ! (YTMND!)

        Also, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, but the Ryan Gosling meme on the Chromatics write-up was something I thought of like a week ago. But I don’t post pics/gifs so I’m glad you jumped on it as quick as you did. Also, good meme.

        Abe Vigoda hasn’t been added to the poster but I am welcoming this news with open arms as I love ALL Coachella additions, but Abe Vigoda is soooo good.

      • post-michaelcore tillawave is so derivative

    • I’m confused.

  4. in gum commenter years, i’m like 120. i’m just hurt that people won’t at least put me as the last citation on their comments, just to show respect, you know? i’m like, “yo fukkk all y’all” at this point like you can’t even give me a citation bro? be easy but like fuk this shit to the power of 2 and shit like this: ^2 ^2 ^2

  5. I’ve been lurking on this site for a while now, but I have to say that reading this article is what finally pushed me to make an account and join the stereogum fam, so here I am. Your upvote and downvote system and creation of a ranking system within it is pretty schizophrenic but mostly awesome. I’m sorry if I just offended any schizos out there by creating a dichotomy between schizophrenia and awesomeness by saying “but” – there can indeed be a Anyway, here’s to my first comment. Oh and sick that I’m still up at 8:00am? I have to be a functional human being in way too few hours. I’m gonna go now. This was fun to craft. Good times.

  6. Damn I forgot to go back and finish “there can indeed be a…”. My first comment would be a fail. Well, I meant…there can indeed be a…meeting point? Not sure and don’t feel like thinking about it the optimal word choice for that one

  7. I know I read this website too much when I’m aware of the fully formed identities of the people in the comment thread and what to expect when their names appear in Shut Up, Dude.

  8. i always find it trippy when top comments come from shut up dude, comments about other lists of comments, commentception.

  9. Rubber Johnnu is cool…to throw rocks at.

  10. “how is Fiona Apple first and Neil Young & Crazy Horse last ‘in alphabetical order’?” ahahahaha

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