Lately, MGMT have been recording songs for a new album with Dave Fridmann, the Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev producer who mixed their difficult sophomore records Congratulations. On Friday, the band played the Festival Estereo Picnic in Colombia, and they debuted a new one called “Alien Days.” It’s a starry-eyed six-minute ramble, and we’ve got a fan-made video of it (with some sadly blown-out audio) below.

(via NME)

Of course, knowing Dave Fridmann productions, there’s a decent chance the album will actually sound like that, decaying fuzz-bass and all.

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  1. They get too much hate I think. I was told they were pretty bad live but when I saw them live I had a really good time. I’m personally really excited for new songs

  2. Probably not a popular opinion, but the reason MGMT got pretty big in the first place was because their first album had some well written hooks and singles that were both commercially appealing and not completely devoid of artistic merit. The drug-induced “difficult” thing it seems they’re concentrating on since Congratulations just doesn’t keep my interest. Maybe it’s because my tastes lay more in line with a CM Punk-like substance-free listener, slapping on the Anaconda Vice on my stereo, getting it reversed, then slapping it on again but this time arching my body a bit backward to ensure my Y2J-like can’t escape it this time around. And yes, I’m going to try to tie in anecdotes from last night’s Wrestlemania into all of my comments today.

  3. It took a handful of listens, but Congratulations really clicked with me. It has the hooks they just take a little more patience, and I’m glad they didn’t try to replicate their first album. It’s a really natural album, I think people just didn’t give it much time.

    • Congratulations was one of my favorite albums of 2010. And I was one of those typical haters that didn’t like them because they wrote a catchy song. Stupid I know. But I found it pretty impressive that a band I could give a fuck less about was able to put out an album that turned me into a true fan.

      “Someone’s Missing” is one of the most beautiful things MGMT has ever written.

  4. I really liked Congratulations. It’s a better product than if they were forced to reuse the ideas from Oracular Spectacular. I have no idea why everyone hated it so much.

    • Congratulations was actually pretty good, but would it kill them to write at least one song that’s kind of accessible? I can listen to Time to Pretend literally any time of the day.

  5. Shut up and play the hits

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