Juno Awards 2012 Winners

Over the weekend, the Canandian music award show the Junos announced this year’s batch of winners sprung forth by this year’s nominees (which included a lot of Christmas albums). Lots of familiar faces — the Biebs, Leslie Feist — but a couple of new looks also like the Arts & Crafts-signed singer-songwriter Dan Mangan. Pictured is Dance Recording Of The Year winners Dragonette doing something with their awards. Anyway, check out the notable winners and the full list down below.

JUNO FAN CHOICE: Justin Bieber

SINGLE OF THE YEAR: The Sheepdogs, “I Don’t Know.”

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Michael Bublé, Christmas.



SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR: Dallas Green, “We Found Each Other” and Little Hell, “Weightless.”

DANCE RECORDING OF THE YEAR: Martin Solveig and Dragonette, “Hello.”

The full list, including the prizes awarded on Saturday, is here.

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  1. Awarding the Album of the Year to a veteran Canadian adult-contemporary artist for a Christmas album is really silly. You have a talented breakthrough mega-hit with Drake’s Take Care that transcends genres, and yet you still go the route the WWE did last night by giving the arguably-past-his-prime Big Show taking Intercontinental title from the up-and-coming superstar-in-the-making Cody Rhodes. Were the same creative writers sending in these Juno ballots?

  2. Weirdest award ever with the winners consisting Feist, Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, Sheepdogs, Martin Solveig and all….

  3. As a proud Canadian rep here, I’d just like to point out that: Nobody cares about the Junos. Nobody.

    • I’d like to add to this actually because it’s so absurd how little the Junos mean to anybody: I bought my last digital recording unit off a Juno award winner. He was selling all his gear to support his family because he wasn’t making any money as a producer anymore. He won a Juno award as a producer.

      It’s a circle jerk for the people who literally have jerked themselves to the point where they can’t jerk themselves further (yes, literally…the word has lost all meaning anyways, so who gives a fuck) and for the people who could actually use a career bump, it does utterly nothing. And when it comes to the big awards, it’s pure sales. The Junos run on money, by major labels. It’s a clusterfuck of big business shittiness on a level I think goes way beyond the Grammies actually.

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