Florence + The Machine (Feat. Josh Homme) - "Jackson" (MTV 'Unplugged')

Later this month, Florence And The Machine will have their own edition of Unplugged broadcast on MTV, and that performance features Florence Welch and Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme collaborating to cover Jerry Leiber and Billy Edd Wheeler’s “Jackson.” Florence posted the audio via their YouTube channel, so stream that below. The group will also cover Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness,” so look out for that.

And here’s their own “Cosmic Love” from the broadcast:

(via MTV)

Florence And The Machine’s Unplugged episode airs at 9 PM on 4/21 on MTV. It’ll be available online 4/8 via Unplugged.MTV.com.

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  1. And now I’d like to welcome onstage Jowls Homme, lead singer of Queens of the Scone Age.

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  3. are you fuckin stupid?

  4. Are u fucking high? It’s written Scone Age, moron!

    • I’m confused over who won this exchange. You know, seeing as Don’s misunderstanding of the joke was even funnier than Crania’s joke in the first place.

  5. You’re the moron. It’s an awesome pun about how fat he’s gotten. I laughed.

  6. The Phantom of the Stone Age

  7. Jowls Homme (c) is doing himself zero favours these days.

  8. I personally adore Homme and anything he does…one of the few guitar heroes around….and he was is Kyuss

  9. Lol’d so hard at the first few comments.

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