Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "We Almost Lost Detroit" Video

The dudes from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. cruise through Detroit in Tigers jackets in the clip for It’s A Corporate World cut “We Almost Lost Detroit,” a visual ode to their down-but-not-out hometown. Andrew Smart directs.

The “We Almost Lost Detroit” 12” EP is out on 4/21, Record Store Day. It’s A Corporate World is out now on Warner Brothers.

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    • This blew up huge in Detroit today. Love my city and love these guys.

      • No way big Degel – I used to live in the big dirty Dub (WINDSOR WHAT)

        i like to imagine that, one night, as we both stood on the shores of detroit river blowing j’s, we got lost together in the lights of the big Ambass dancing in the water below, and as body floated by and we ran back to campus.

        i miss detroit.

        • I can assure you the city is as crazy, ruined, and amazing as ever. But I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

          My favorite Detroit story: I was in Corktown to watch my friend’s band play and I was sitting out by the front door with the bouncer. Suddenly we heard a REALLY loud boom and huge dust cloud came out from one of the nearby backyards. A few minutes later a ton of cops come flying up the road. It was still kind of early and no one was at the bar yet so the bouncer was like “cover my spot I’m gonna go see what’s up.”

          He comes back. What was it? Someone found an old grenade in their basement and set it off in their backyard.

  1. No love for Gil scott-Heron ?

  2. yea at least somebody in the video wearin a tshirt with his face on it..or just saying in tribute to….a bad ass version no doubt….but will never see the beautiful radiant splendor of truth that is the original.

  3. Was very fortunate to meet them at an in-store performance last year. Really great guys. Blew my mind when I also realized they (or at least only one of them) is also from the freecreditscore band on tv

  4. Elyse Howdershell  |   Posted on Apr 15th, 2012 0

    Ha this is awesome:) Everyone should check out this contest I just found for Record Store Day! The top prize is a Sony Turntable!


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