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Last week, Katy Perry released her “Part Of Me” video, in which she plays a Marine, sort of. Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham, who evidently did not like the video, Tweeted, “Seeing Katy Perry as a soldier in ’Part Of Me’ really makes me think that we need to start a war so she can go die.” That Tweet was partially a reference to Fear’s punk classic “Let’s Have A War,” something not picked up by the many, many news organizations who posted stories about Abraham’s post. (Anytime someone writes anything insensitive on Twitter, it’s probably best to check if they’re quoting a Fear lyric.)

In the days since then, Abraham has been deluged on Twitter by hordes of angry Katy Perry fans, and he’s retweeted many of them. He’s since backed down a bit and stopped retweeting all those angry Tweets, and yet people are still writing news reports about it. So: Relax, everybody! Pink Eyes doesn’t want to kill Katy Perry! Keep it moving!

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  1. HED: Fucked Up’s Abraham Wages War On New York, Saxophones.

  2. One Does Not Simply

    *insert Ned Stark playing whoever in LOTR here*

    End a Meme

  3. I will take the stark realism of Damian’s hairy tits over the digitally enhanced tits of Katy Perry any day of the week.

  4. When I skimmed my facebook timeline I misread ‘Katy’ as ‘Kony’.
    Was this incident worthy to mention here? You be the judge.

  5. Can someone seriously explain to me how Katy Perry is such a huge pop star? It hurts my head trying to figure it out. With other big popstars I at least understand the rationale involved as to why they’re as big as they are but Katy Perry has a terrible voice, isn’t pretty and doesn’t do anything memorable. She is mediocre in every way.

  6. Are you serious Sanjay?


    • that was clearly intended as reply, but I was distracted by something tits.

    • No one in history has become so famous only b/c of their tits ever.

      They are pretty great, I really can’t be mad at anyone.

    • da bitch gonna have back problems so lets all just wait it out and get our sweet revenge once she hits middle age. patience – them titties will have their just comeuppance.

      • Yeah, but she can afford really expensive sports bras. She’s got support the likes of which you can’t even imagine.

      • Dtillz, I’m honestly a little disappointed in you today about how you spelled “comeuppance”

      • Not to mention how you spelled donnytitta.

        • wait, wait, what’s wrong with d-tits use of “comeuppance”? da tittes deserve their fate, to sag low and bring the pain.

          more importantly, do i change my name to donnytitta?

          • Well, d-titts, I’m proud of the way you spelled “comeuppance” today. I support your diction and grammar, 100.

            However, I am disappointed in you today for failing to take the opportunity to somehow tie the homophonic genius of “cum” “in my” “pants” to “cumeuppance”. That’s right in the don’s wheelhouse.

            So now you pretty much have to change your name. 1 vote for dtitties right here.

            -and to make sure that you get your proper credit via citation, I never would have thought about “cum” and “pants” if it hadn’t been for your scatalogical banality over the course of your 120 years (in stereogum post years).

          • Keep the name donnytilla, but I AM calling you d-tits from now on & often.

          • eldave: Iyou bring me much shame, which I deserve, for where there is an opportunity for cum and pants, d-titty should be on the job. i will do better, for you. also, should we start a band called “Scatalogical Banality”? maybe just a mortal kombat finishing move. I’m available. and incredible callbacks all around, bravo (eldave. (2012). Well, d-titts, Stereogum, Retrieved from http://emilypothast.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/dirt1.jpg?w=497)

            RJC: d-child that shit and say my name/ say my name, pls.

            <3 u both.


          • I suggest “Chemical Castration” for the band name.

            Also, d-tits, thanks so much for giving me my own acronym so as not to be confused with the “We-Need-Him-More-Than-He-Needs-Us” RJ on these boards.

            RIP AALIYAH!

  7. Check out his retweet of @KatyCatOnCloud9 and then look at her picture

  8. This is a part of Katy Perry that Damian Abraham is never gonna ever take away from Katy Perry.

  9. Yes.

    Now, can we stop this using the word “meme” on digital posts meme?

  10. Like the post above, I’m on Katy perrys side. She has boobs. Glorious, luscious, perky, large boobs. Plus she has a song with Kenny G in it. Does Fucked Up have a song with Kenny G in it? No.

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