Garbage - "Blood For Poppies"

Today, returning alt-pop heroes Garbage, recently reactivated and soon to release their new album Not Your Kind Of People, unveiled the video for their single “Blood For Poppies.” It’s a grainy black-and-white clip with a lot of tough-to-explain imagery and one grisly Un Chien Andalou-inspired scene in which Manson gets her eyeball sliced open. (There’s a distinct possibility, I’d say, that the rest of the video also visually quotes ancient art films that I don’t recognize.) Watch it below.

Not Your Kind Of People is out 5/15 on the band’s own STUNVOLUME label.

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  1. You could add Man Ray, Méliès and maybe George Bataille…

  2. Maya Deren, maybe? A lot of the shots reminded me of Meshes of the Afternoon.

  3. still awesome.

  4. The video was dedicated to surreal artists in general beyond the cinema according to one write-up I read, much like this week’s Smackdown will likely be dedicated to Chief Jay Strongbow who has passed away at the age of 86. R.I.P. Chief Jay Strongbow. You were an original who paved the way for other Italians such as Mark “Muhammed Hussan” Copani in portraying characters not at all tied into your actual nationality.

  5. Garbage – “Blood For Poopies” Video

  6. The other day I was thinking about how wah-pedal was overdue for a comeback. This song may single handedly defeat anyone who was considering it.

  7. strange, wish it was color…tragedy not seeing shirley’s hair in living color BUT, they had to pay for it this time around so…can’t blame em for going cheap:)

  8. Mediocre. Band made 2 good albums, but didn’t have anything to offer after that.

  9. Nice track, even the chorus brings it down. I’m glad to see them back.

  10. pretty good, not amazing … I thoguht this comeback would bring mainstream shit but its pretty decent

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