Van She - "Idea Of Happiness" Video

Aussie dance-pop BTW Van She have a new video for their single “Idea Of Happiness,” and it revolves around an extremely bizarre Christmas party. This particular shindig involves a hippie in a banana hammock, a tanning-bed tryst, a celebratory bit of BB gun target practice, and all sorts of other stuff that doesn’t make any sense at all. Apparently, this is how they do things in Australia. The video is a lot of fun, and Fever Ray collaborator Andreas Nilsson directs. Watch it below.

Van She’s album Idea Of Happiness is out 7/10 on Modular.

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  1. Yeah we are a strange bunch down here in Australia. This is pretty much how we spend christmas. That guy is our Santa Claus, it is too hot down here for US santa claus with all his extra fat and heavy clothing.

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