Wild Flag

On Saturday night in Boston, Wild Flag finished up a show by covering a song from one of the few indie bands who can match them in terms of sheer firepower: The early Fugazi rager “Margin Walker,” which is such an awesome song. Someone in the crowd, blessedly, captured the cover on camera-phone for posterity, and we’ve got it below. Carrie Brownstein, it turns out, makes a great Guy Piccioto. And a band with no bass player has to have serious courage to cover a Fugazi song, and serious chops to make it work, since basslines were always a huge part of that band.

(via Pitchfork)

Brownstein was on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast this week, and that’s probably something you’ll want to hear.

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  1. i love carrie.

  2. And the build-up of anticipation toward Coachella weekend begins…

  3. Whoa! It’s not often that I can watch the back of my own head for 3 minutes on one of my favorite websites!

  4. Fugazi is a hard band to cover and yeah that’s really good!

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