Jack White - "Sixteen Saltines" Video

This morning, Jack White debuts the second video (after “Love Interruption“) from Blunderbuss, his solo debut. In the clip for “Sixteen Saltines,” we see White as the only adult, being held hostage in a world otherwise populated entirely by kids who have gone entirely nuts. We see them chugging cough syrup, riding firework-propelled skateboards, smoking weed out of gas masks, getting face tats, and inexplicably flying up into the air. It’s a deliriously fun and fucked up video, and it’s below.

(via Pitchfork)

Blunderbuss is out 4/24 on Third Man/Columbia.

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  1. Even with all the fucked up firecrackers, this is still less pretentious than that journalist that was saved on the street from an oncoming cab by Ryan Gosling who went from “OMG RYAN GOSLING SAVED ME!” on Twitter to “THERE ARE WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST WORTH WORRYING ABOUT AND SWOONING OVER A CELEBRITY HUNK IS BENEATH ME! I AM A FEMINIST!!!” in her Gawker piece soon after her gushing tweets were uncovered and showed that she’s just another girl who can easily be dazzled by a famous pretty face regardless of her so-called ideals.

  2. First Arcade Fire, Now Jack White. In the future, all music videos will be “Gummo” rip-offs.

  3. Did anyone else get the Plan B ad? That dude should wake up and at least give her a ride to the Walgreens or make breakfast or something. That shit’s expensive.

    • Before we even get there, what the fuck is a Plan B add doing around here (or Pitchfork for that matter)? Ain’t nobody gettin’ laid over here. It’s all “Sigur Ros” this, and “Dirty Projectors” that. No alternative to birth control necessary.

      Oh, and where’s the drop?

  4. if the blue boy dropped the lighter while he was standing on the car then the joke is on him because he’ll die to but I would argue that he had it comin’.

    • I don’t know, d-titties. That little blue fucker seemed pretty sneaky. No way he’s dying in that car fire. Probably just end up with some cool scars.

      Jack White should have people A) who dress him, B) who write and direct videos for him, C) who do not let him drop shitty filler in advance of his new album. When the best Jack White video out right now is a Captain Morgan’s commercial, the time has past.

      Also, is Jack White implying here that the little blue fucker is his inner demon who is attempting to destroy the composed facade that we all know and sometimes love as “Jack White”? And further that this transition has already occurred for the other people featured in this video? I’m just saying, I love eating sandwiches off the ceiling and letting chicks spew weird blue shit into my face piece (as long as they are wearing cheerleading gear), but I’m too afraid to let that shit out because I don’t want to be judged by the others. If only the others were engaged in some kind of weird post-apocalyptic flash mob, and other others were videoing their pitbulls for no apparent reason. . .What can be said the Freud didn’t already say (and by Freud, I of course mean d-titties!)

  5. Umm… WTF? ……………….Maybe?

    “Who’s jealous who’s jealous who’s jealous of who?”

  6. All right, I’m intrigued. Please, Blunderbuss… get here faster! Only 18 days left!

  7. Just found a great video of Jack releasing 1,000 helium balloons with “Freedom at 21″ flexi-discs attached to them. He told his fans that this was the only way they would be able to get a copy of it! I wish one of those balloons were flying over my house lol http://pitchfork.com/news/45993-jack-white-releases-new-song-via-balloons/

  8. love the video, reminds me of weirdass early 80s videos, slash, really cool later 90s videos…the weirder the better I SAY:)

  9. mr. white. the man is a genius… a musical mad scientist… a mastermind. everything he touches becomes wanted. his music is always incredible, his ideas are always epic, and his passion for being an outcast.. always standing out in a world that constantly tries to fit in. i admire him so much.

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