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The Pitchfork Music Festival announced the first chunk of its lineup in February, and it featured names like Vampire Weekend, Feist, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Hot Chip. And just as it always does, Pitchfork announced the rest of the lineup in a couple of installments, and now they’ve got the complete finished product posted. So now we know that the bill will also include Beach House, Wild Flag, Dirty Projectors, Chavez, Thee Oh Sees, Cults, Atlas Sound, Flying Lotus, Big K.R.I.T., Iceage, Youth Lagoon, Clams Casino, Nicolas Jaar, and a ton of others.

Compared to last year’s show, headlined by the Animal Collective/Fleet Foxes/TV On The Radio triumvirate, this one’s a little low on star-power. Beyond Vampire Weekend on Sunday, it’s honestly a bit hard to tell who’s headlining each of the days. Still, this is an utterly solid lineup throughout. And as someone who’s attended every last Pitchfork fest going back to that first Intonation one, I can say that this is one of the most relentlessly pleasant and well-designed summer festivals I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. (I also wrote for the site that whole time, so they treated me nice, but I’m pretty sure I’d feel that way regardless.)

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  1. Oh sweet, because a Oneohtrix Point Never set will sound great an open air festival when its 95 degrees plus humidity outside.


  2. That’s a great lineup

  3. Oh man I hope they broadcast it live like last year. So happy Thee Oh Sees are playing

  4. Olivia Tremor Control? Olivia Tremor Control!

    The line up is pretty great this year, and I love the fact that Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza are playing in the same day. Maybe with their powers combined they can form Deerhunter

  5. I was disappointed with the initial announcement, but it’s filled out pretty well. Better than last year overall, in my opinion, but not as good as 2010. Though if Atlas Sound AND Lotus Plaza are playing, I almost just wish they’d spring for Josh and Moses to come along and play a Deerhunter set again.

  6. I still don’t understand why they haven’t updated the location of the festival. Last year it looked packed to the brim, and this year’s line-up looks like it’ll do the same.

    We’re gonna need a bigger park.

    • They’ve sold the same amount of tickets every year no?

      Anyways, Union Park is sweet. You can drive and find free parking farily easily. Plus, I don’t think that neighborhood is quite as bad as some ppl think it is(I mean, it IS kinda bad).

      Would you rather it was in grant park and you had to walk a mile and a half to get from stage to stage?

      • You wouldn’t need all of Grant Park (if that is the example we’re using) but more space at a festival is nice.

        It sucks when you have to leave a band earlier than usual to account for walking through a perpetual crowd due to stages being near each other. Not to mention outdoor noise bleeding.

        Overall, since Pitchfork has grown and has been able to get some increasingly impressive line-ups, it seems like it is time to accept that fact and upgrade. Isn’t Union Park the same place they had Intonation?

        Metaphor: When a man gains weight, he has to buy bigger pants.

        • Again tho, haven’t they sold the same amount of tickets each year? I know it’s been a sell out every year, I think it’s been the same amount of people every year too. Please let me know if that’s not the case, I could be wrong, but if not that would mean the man hasn’t gained any weight and can keep wearing the same pants as long as they don’t have like a hole in the crotch or something.

          Sound bleeding can be an issue on that third stage, but the way they have the two main stages set up so you can post up in one spot in between them and always be watching a band is pretty nice.

  7. This is the first year where I’ve already seen most of the bands I’m the most excited about, still pretty sick lineup. Really psyched for Atlas Sound, I was on vaca last time they came into town.

    I WAS holding out hope Action Bronson and Chromatics would be included, but I can hardly bitch.

  8. + Atlas Sound
    + Lotus Plaza
    - Deerhunter

    Something seems amiss.

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