Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments 4/6/12

It’s Good Friday and Passover, but it’s also regular Friday, which means it’s time to look at the highest and lowest rated comments of the past 7 days. Early this week was sort of slow for comments, but we made up for it with blog posts about Soundgarden and Kurt Cobain. 1994 4eva. Speaking of 1994, did you see Edward Droste’s non-fight with the Toadies about “Possum Kingdom”?

Ed is too nice. I was really hoping that would turn into a Where’s The Beef?. Hopefully Dave Longstreth will dis Crash Test Dummies next week. Until then, we have your insults to each other to enjoy…



Stephen Hall | Apr 5th Score:19

Soup R Crackers franchisee

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#9 plb102 | Mar 30th Score:19

Damnit, there is no comeback for jizz fest. You win triangle.

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Nick DiLalla | Apr 3rd Score:20

I will take the stark realism of Damian’s hairy tits over the digitally enhanced tits of Katy Perry any day of the week.

Posted in: Can We End This Fucked Up/Katy Perry Meme?
#7 godsdog | Mar 30th Score:20

There is no comeback, but there may be a little splashback.

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Greg Messina | Apr 5th Score:23

He’d be considered washed up in 2012, and everyone would have some sort of smug comments towards any type of new material he’d put out, if he hadn’t already become a complete shut-in. Thats how we treat most of our aging rock stars, at least.

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#5 jawnofthedead | Apr 4th Score:25

Most under-appreciated Avenger? Spoon Man.

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Sarah Fonder | Apr 3rd Score:25


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#2 annoyingmouse | Apr 5th Score:28

“What Would Kurt Cobain Be Up To In 2012?” is just a polite way of asking “How good would the world be if the Foo Fighters never existed?”

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Robert Miller | Apr 4th Score:-11

Cause they’re good?

Posted in: Soundgarden – “Live To Rise”
#4 bryanknows | Apr 2nd Score:-12

just ’cause Longstreth paid tribute to one of the best, most honored albums of the ’80′s, “Damaged,” doesn’t mean he gets a free pass for the rest of his career with putting out this incoherent garbage. Dave, we thought the r&B thing was an ironic passing comment from an immature bedroom artist about the music industry that would soon mature into a respectable, unique form of your own. not campy, ’90′s r&b production forever. and honestly, the press overrated Bitte Orca because you triggered and prefigured a nostalgia bomb for Black Flag and other ’80′s hardcore we are still in the midst of. 9 half baked songs does not a follow up to “Rise Above” make. though some are great musically, lyrically, they’re terrible. “Swing Lo Magellan” sort of sounds like a racist album title if you ask me. how he goes from thinking he can hijack “Damaged,” which is an album about demanding freedom basically and frustration at society’s confinement, to putting out this album that connects an African American slave song to a Portuguese explorer sort of tells you something anti-intellectual and deceptive about Longstreth. he wants to cash in on conflict, IMHO, conflicted tastes within the indie community and conflicting themes that don’t coherently go together.

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Robert Miller | Apr 4th Score:-14

Terrible movie, terrible franchise, terrible band, terrible song…what in the fuck is wrong with DA SGUHMS?

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#2 triangle | Mar 30th Score:-15


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#1 rubberjohnny0829 | Apr 2nd Score:-22

Sooooo gay!!

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Mike Pop | Apr 5th Score:2

He’d settle his differences with Katy Perry inside Hell in a Cell, I’m sure.

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Zachary Richard Wren Payne | Apr 2nd Score:3

More rappers should sample Twin Sister

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  1. #4? Not bad, not bad at all.

  2. Oh Ed, don’t lie.

    EVERY Grizzly Bear song is perfect for waking up.

  3. So unrelated but I’m madly in love with this gif and I just want to share it with the world.

    • I have a terrible feeling there’s another gif floating around in the deep, dark nether regions of the WEBZ~! utilizing something entirely different being inserted into their screaming mouths.

    • To me, the most disturbing thing about this gif, and there is a healthy list of disturbing things, is that the creatures holding the toothbrushes have such thin arms. They must come from a planet with very low gravity.


        • I hope if we are ever invaded by aliens from another planet that they come from a planet with a weaker gravity than Earth. That way when their ships land and the boney storm troopers come marching out they will be stomping around like they weigh far more than they should, and maybe even their skeletal systems will just give out immediately and we will just have to clean up their crunchy pancake bodies with shovels.

          Of course, the alternative would be that they come from a planet with much higher gravity then ours, and then they will end up stumbling around like a bunch of drunk astronauts on the moon and all we will have to do is sneak up behind them and scare them and they will accidentally jump off the planet into space.

          So, either way, I’m not too worried about Earth being attacked by aliens.

  4. Well, if we’re posting unrelated gifs…

  5. Thank you, Scott. I can now rest. in. peace.

  6. Toadies ‘Rubberneck’ was, and still is, a really good album. And I would like to point out that while we are handing “nicest guy on earth” awards to Ed for apologizing, he was the one that made the (benign) rude comment. It was The Toadies that diffused it by being totally chivalrous. Let this be an invitation to check out a really awesome rock band with an apparently great taste in music.

    • “Possum Kingdom” was also not the best way to represent that album. “Tyler” is the best thing on that album, and one of the best mainstream alt-rock singles of that decade. It’s a shame they became a one-hit wonder because they were a surprisingly great band.

      • I agree entirely. I could listen to “Tyler” on repeat from now until the day I die, and I would never get bored of it. Also, for the record, I much prefer the album ‘Hell Below, Stars Above’ to ‘Rubberneck’ on the whole. It didn’t make a very big splash when it came out, but I think it had a muscular rock core wrapped in a warm emotional dynamic that is much more suited for today’s audience. If something like “Pressed Against the Sky” or “Dollskin” showed up next week under the guise of some new young band they would have the blog world eating out of their hands.

  7. Travesty!…Mutiny!

  8. Even though I didn’t make any of these week’s lists, I had a fun time thinking outside the comment box and going off on wrestling-related tangents which 1% probably understood. Sidenote: I’m still in a grumpy funk and I think the only cure might be Coachella next weekend.

  9. So you’re all leaving early to celebrate the death of our lord Jesus Christ ? – Sounds like my friend Mel Gibson was speaking the truth about you NYC “media” types.

    This weekend I will be attempting to recreate the famous Cool Hand Luke scene, but with Chocolate eggs.

  10. Godsdog’s and my comments were actually made last Friday before Shut Up, Dude came out, but at the time didn’t have enough upvotes to make the cut. But then over the weekend and earlier this week they continued getting upvotes. I was wondering if they would qualify for this weeks list, and tbh I’m a little surprised to see them on here. Shut Up, Dude works in mysterious ways I guess.

  11. Gosh that comment about the Foo Fighters makes me look a bit of a dick. Just listened to Everlong for the first time in ages and it’s still awesome.

  12. Harold Bishop Could never look like a bit of a dick.

  13. Yo where’s that Best Buy wallpaper at? I’m tryna find some deals!

  14. You know what? That Toadies song is still way, way overplayed, it gets stuck in your head really easily, and it’s not even that great a song. Mr. Grizzly Bear should not worry about who he offends. He was right the first time.

  15. WTF? I just saw on TMZ that Axl Rose and Lana Del Ray might be an “Item”….this is going to be fun

  16. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  17. Let’s try that again:

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