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Lana Del Rey’s transition from internet fame to something resembling actual real-life fame has been a bumpy and fascinating one. To wit: Last week, it was rumored that she was dating Marilyn Mason, which is not a good look. Today, we’re seeing reports that she’s actually dating Axl Rose, which is somehow even worse. And though the story may be unrelated, it somehow seems appropriate that John Mayer, of all people, has recorded a watery instrumental blues-guitar cover of LDR’s breakout single “Video Games.” Mayer posted the cover on his Tumblr a few days ago; listen below.

There’s at least some chance that Mayer is just trolling the world with this one, right?

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  1. His guitar sounds better than her voice. That’s right, I said it.

  2. Nothing to dislike about Mayer’s guitar tones, that’s for sure.

  3. It kind of sounds like the ripoff Explosions In the Sky background music they’d use during the TV version of Friday Night Lights.

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  5. in frosting?

  6. Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose?

    what is reality

  7. After his instrumental cover of “Lovestoned” John Mayer entered “can-do-no-blues-infused-instrumental-cover-wrong” territory. (

  8. gonna request this song next time I am getting a massage at a new age spa in Sedona

  9. Remember when he covered “Kid A”?

  10. y’know, just covering two definitely relevant artists on stereogum as usual.

  11. John Mayer is never not trolling the world.

  12. more echo!! …thank god he didn’t sing it.

  13. WTF y did he do this?

  14. John Mayer rocks. I like Lana Del Rey, though this sound is more appealing to me. Dude knows his way around a guitar.

  15. This song is fun!
    When I clicked the link, I knew EXACTLY how it’d sound with him singing it.
    Glad he didn’t.

  16. In other exciting news – I took a solid shit today.

  17. lana del rey and axl rose…..sweet child o’ mine just got a lot creepier….

  18. “Shadow Days” is the best John Mayer song I’ve heard in a while. Can’t wait to hear the rest of Born and Raised on the 22nd. Check out the video:

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