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Schadenfreude alert! Madonna’s unfortunate new club-pop album MDNA, which has been marketed about as hard as an album could possibly be marketed, has now scored the biggest second-week drop in sales in all of Soundscan history. Last week, the album sold about 359,000 copies — a healthy number, and good enough to land it as #1. As it turns out, though, those numbers were greatly inflated because many of those sales came as giveaways with a live-ticket package. This week, the album sold 46,000 copes, an 88% drop. And if Madonna hadn’t inflated her sales with those concert-ticket packages, it turns out that she would’ve lost the number #1 last week to Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee, of all things. Check out the Forbes report.

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  1. 1984 called. It wants its battle for the top of the charts back.

  2. Turns out, everyone who remembers her thinks she’s too old.
    And everyone who wasn’t around to remember her still thinks she’s too old.

  3. Turns out Madge found out that while you can defy age trends by botoxing your face, you can’t botox your career.

  4. That’s sad though. I mean, it’s still a better album than my grandma’s “Where’s my keys”

    where’s my keys/ who is that
    my fingers hurt/ when are you going to settle down and marry a nice girl?
    where’s my keys/ who are you
    I think the men outside my building are stealing my newspapers

    • Related joke: A guy walks into a doctor’s office, doctor says “listen I’m sorry to tell you, but you have Alzheimer’s.”

      guy says “Phew, thank god!”

      Doctor says “Why’s that?”

      Guy goes “well I was worried you were going to tell me I had Alzheimer’s.”

      • Sorry guys, Alzheimer’s isn’t funny at all. It’s a terrible disease, I know firsthand, and I should know better than to make light of it.

  5. thank you america, reminding madonna that she is in fact not 25 and its not the 80s.

  6. Thanks, Stereogum moderators, for deleting my very funny Alzheimer jokes because you didn’t get them, and thought they were duplicate comments, and not in fact, a reference to me forgetting that I had already made those comments previously.

  7. *insert lazy, unoriginal misogynistic/ageist/rockist joke here*

  8. Ageism sucks

  9. The CD sales weren’t inflated, though. When buying a Madonna concert ticket, you had the option of adding a physical/digital copy of “MDNA” to your order…for an additional $10. The same price as everyone who pre-ordered the album through iTunes had to pay. Nothing was given away for free.

  10. Forget ageism, it’s a bad album.

  11. As one of the two musicians I genuinely can’t stand as both a human being AND a performer (Bono being the other), this is AMAZING news. The reason people don’t hate Bob Dylan, or Iron Maiden, or Billy Joel or any other once gigantic groundbreaking artist that people don’t currently hate is because they have made conscious efforts for no new material to be relevant in any way, shape, or form. Madonna, why haven’t you been able to grasp this concept at any point in the last 15 years…

  12. YEAAHH! ‘Cause fuck Madonna, right?

  13. Actually she has NOT marketed this album as much as she should be, she has not given interviews on tv or on magazines and she has not even released physical CD singled for it either if she was doing all those things then it would really be a shock because the album really is amazingly great, but since she’s not promoting it, it’s really not surprising.

  14. She is not promoting her record on TV or radio. i’m not surprised of the drop. The album is really great and really deserves a good promotion.

  15. I heard the album was pressed using recycled dog shit. Would explain the shitty music…

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