Where's The Beef: Dave Grohl vs. Courtney Love

As is well-established at this point, shit is bound to go down on Courtney Love’s Twitter. But, her account (which is set to private) veered into creepy territory as she lobbed accusations at Dave Grohl, who was allegedly handsy with his former bandmate’s daughter recently. The tirade also questions the nature of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who Courtney points out is the “submissive drummer” and looks like Kurt, and brings up that Grohl’s daughter is named “Violet,” which Love supposes is after one of Hole’s biggest songs. She also said “its [sic] I’m going to kill” and that Grohl has “romney rape thing about him.” Gawker got a screenshot of the tweets, so check that out below. UPDATE: Grohl in a statement: “Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful Twitter rant. These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue” (via NME). UPDATE 2: Love, in a statement, firing back at Grohl about licensing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for The Muppets movie: “We got no money from The Muppets, we got nothing. It made Jason Segel feel special, but Dave knows Kurt wouldn’t have wanted to be a Muppet.. (via NME) UPDATE 3: Frances Bean has issued a statement through her publicist: “While I’m generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I’m in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother.”

(via Gawker)

Things are dark right now over at the Love residence.

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  1. Cigarette?
    Ripped American flag?
    Wolverine t-shirt?

    She’s such an artist.

  2. shes such a bitch

  3. Moms are soooooo embarrassing amirite?

  4. god i hate her…

  5. Insane. Who is she tweeting? @davegrohl is a college kid from German…


    Poor kid…

  6. Courtney Love has always made me want to barf. Now I want to barf twice.

  7. Dave’s still married right? And she’s still not even 18? There’s no way, PERHAPS someones trying to help fill the dad void with his dear old friends daughter with a KOOKOO mom and so she’s gotta make this shit up cuz an Uncie Dave scares the shit out of her. ‘oh no, he’ll tell her everything, she’ll know i used to strip and turn tricks before i classed myself up!!’

  8. “…like a gross old man macking on kurt cobain’s only child.”

    …Says the old bag who humped on a witch house musician half her age that looked kinda-sorta grungy like her dead husband kurt cobain.

  9. Courtney Love = Herpes

  10. Poor Frances. Her mother will go to the ends of the earth to humiliate her. I’d heard that Dave Grohl arranged to meet with Frances because he hadn’t seen her since she was a baby and because they both realize they will be business partners and eventually their children will be business partners. Courtney is not a part of that equation now that Frances is 18 and free of her. Nirvana is free of her. Courtney is a scary cock-roach and Grohl should sue her and hit her where it hurts: her drug purse.

  11. In other words, Courtney Love realllllyy wants Dave

  12. I’m confused . Do I start reading the tweets from the top to the bottom, or from the bottom to the top? Does it even matter?

  13. “him i am about to shoot, dead”

    Whut, like you did Kurt?

  14. Apparently that isn’t even Courtney Love’s real twitter…..

  15. Frances looks like she stepped on an Urban Outfitters landmine.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Jesus CHRIST. IGNORE the attention whore already!

  17. Is anyone else as creeped out by Greg Smeltzer as I am. Seriously who is this guy, and who responds to those accusations by saying “Do you think Dave is attractive?”

    On the other hand, Courtney Love will be Courtney Love, strung out mumbling about nothing in particular.

  18. All i have to say to courtney is whateva

  19. What an insufferable taint boil she is.

  20. Her crazy never ceases to fascinate me. Brilliant.

  21. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. This is too for US entrants only


  23. No biggie. If you cross young tail, you nab it! You go, Grohl!

    Rock lore has many stories about this.

  24. davegrohl ‏ @davegrohl

    24 uni student from Germany currently studying business and IT at Bond University, Gold Coast

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