Lana Del Rey

Last night at London’s Camden Jazz Cafe, Lana Del Rey played a small show for a crowd of contest-winners, and she used the opportunity to debut the Born To Die song “Carmen,” singing over a tinkly piano and nothing else. Also of note: Her skimpy Guns N’ Roses shirt, which is a pretty slick way to acknowledge the stories linking her to Axl Rose. Watch a fan-made video of the song below.

For more on Lana and Axl, check this great Grantland thinkpiece about the maybe-couple.

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  1. Um, Carmen is track 9 on Born To Die… it’s not new

  2. Hahahahahaha, ooooops!!

  3. Another one that sounds so much better stripped down.

  4. is it the same site that panned ‘born to die’ after its release?

  5. I had my hopes up that this was a cover from “Carmen: A Hip Hopera,” which is one of my favorite hip-hoperas of all time.

  6. my new Lana Del Ray-article-on-Stereogum routine:
    1. click on link
    2. scroll to comments
    3. be entertained more than the actual video/article could entertain me

  7. Just awful. Surreal karaoke.

  8. Does she sound like she is singing ANYTHING for more than the first time? Now give us what we really want- more Katy Perry news!

    By the way, Stereogum, a gift for you- Niki & the Dove just released an album sampler of 5 completed songs that will be on their upcoming album here: , and a video for their new song “Tomorrow”, which is crazy good here: – this band is blowing up, and you haven’t covered them at all in 2012.

    Stop trying to make Lana del Rey a thing- it’s over.

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