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 0Posted on Sep 11th, 2014 | re: Premature Evaluation: U2 Songs Of Innocence (144 comments)

Guys, it never showed up in my iTunes. Maybe because I haven’t updated my iTunes in, like, 2 years. Just one more reason why being lazy pays off!

Also, doesn’t it seem illegal to make millions of people take something they never asked for and don’t want? I smell Communist plot.

 +3Posted on Aug 21st, 2014 | re: Who Should Arcade Fire Cover In Brooklyn? (58 comments)

Lana Del Rey.

Haha jk.

 +2Posted on Jul 14th, 2014 | re: Blueberry Boat Turns 10 (33 comments)

To say I had an unhealthy obsession with this album is an understatement. Blueberry Boat completely changed my summer of 2004. I was grinding peanuts in the backroom of a health food store feeling totally listless and alone and I listened to this album pretty much nonstop. It became my constant companion and made me feel less crazy. “Birdie Brain” is one of the coolest songs ever, although I’d say Eleanor singing “Cata-ma-RAN…MAN, you’re my brother” is my favorite moment of the album.

 0Posted on Apr 30th, 2014 | re: Courtney Love - "Wedding Day" (1 comments)

More like “Shredding Day.” Amiright?

 0Posted on Apr 30th, 2014 | re: Hear Arcade Fire's Live Reflektor Outtake "Get Right" (1 comments)

I notice a strong thematic similarity to Sufjan Steven’s “Get Real Get Right.” You know…”get right” and all that.

 +10Posted on Apr 2nd, 2014 | re: Behold The Justin Vernon Family Tree (27 comments)

When Kanye finds out you made his name that small, he’s gonna be pissed!

 +3Posted on Mar 10th, 2014 | re: Premature Evaluation: The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream (69 comments)

“Eyes to the Wind” is *amazing*. I hear Dylan too, but I also hear Petty, Knopfler, and even Neil Young. Glad that artists like War on Drugs and Kurt Vile are reviving classic rock for us younger people who didn’t get to experience it the first time around!

 +2Posted on Mar 4th, 2014 | re: Premature Evaluation: Real Estate Atlas (49 comments)

Your snow day sounds exactly like my snow days. My wife makes chili and we watch old episodes of Gilmore Girls (we own every season). And no, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a man who enjoys Gilmore Girls. It’s one of the best-written shows of the 2000s.

Also, Atlas is a really enjoyable album. Perfect for early spring.

 0Posted on Feb 12th, 2014 | re: Elliott Smith Albums From Worst To Best (66 comments)

Elliott Smith’s music pulled me through some of the darkest times of my teenage years, so it’s impossible for me to be totally objective about this. But I would say that the songs of his that affected me the most during those years were the more raw, lo-fi ones. I love XO because it managed to balance big-budget production and orchestration with Elliott’s vocal and lyrical vulnerability, but Figure 8 seems to sacrifice that vulnerability for the sake of pristine production. Roman Candle is definitely more raw and vulnerable, but I would place it lower on my list because Elliott Smith’s songwriting sense doesn’t seem to have fully blossomed yet. It sounds more like a series of promising sketches rather than fully developed ideas. New Moon, on the other hand, despite being packaged as a series of early sketches, sounds surprisingly complete and cohesive in comparison.

That said, my list would probably look something like this:

1) Either/Or
2) XO
3) New Moon
4) Elliott Smith
5) From a Basement on a Hill
6) Figure 8
7) Roman Candle