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thank you for this

Yes! Even tracing back to M&S’s early days leads us to artists like Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling, Noah & The Whale, Tallest Man on Earth, all artists that I very much respect and don’t begrudge the success of.

 0Posted on Jun 21st, 2011 | re: Indie Songs Of The Summer 2001-2011 (151 comments)

best song of the summer: hitting play on ALL FIVE TRACKS AT ONCE obvs

 +2Posted on Feb 19th, 2011 | re: Radiohead - "Lotus Flower" Video (19 comments)

this is never a thing I thought I would see, but now I have

 0Posted on Feb 19th, 2011 | re: Kanye West - "All Of The Lights" Video (33 comments)

thanks for the seizure, Kanye

 -1Posted on Jan 5th, 2011 | re: Listen To Decemberists King Is Dead (7 comments)

Almost so that once was enough for me

 0Posted on Dec 14th, 2010 | re: Stereogum's Top 50 Albums Of 2010 (390 comments)

Bombay Bicycle Club has my upvote every day

 0Posted on Oct 4th, 2010 | re: Stereogum Monthly Mix: October 2010 (43 comments)

:D THANK YOU. Last summer’s Independence Day Mix was the soundtrack to my summer and I still listen to it when the weather is right.

 0Posted on May 18th, 2010 | re: Stream Sleigh Bells Treats (51 comments)

I need more go out and get trashed/drive fast music. Thank you, Sleigh Bells!

dudes and ghosts, they just get along.