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That’s devastating, Rob

*failed to produce

Pretty funny – if I asked the same question a while ago I would’ve been downvoted into oblivion by the stereogum skrillex army, who have now been reduced to chirping crickets. I guess like many new release artists fawned over on this site from time to time he ceased to produce anything of lasting substance : / HMMMMM

Lulz you guys remember when people thought skrillex mattered for like five minutes

And what a good screen capture too

Coming up next week on stereogum: think pieces on Lady Gaga’s musicianship and indie-minded performance artistry

 +12Posted on Mar 13th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

It’s time we agreed Coldplay is great? From my cold dead fucking hands, Stereogum. Coldplay is about as “great” as Drake, Mumford and Sons, Lana Del Re-OH. OH WAIT. WHERE THE FUCK AM I? How awkward. How did we get here? You are trying so hard to get me to break up with you, stereogum.

Now having watched the interview I actually like Seth Meyers a lot more than Jimmy Fallon, who has always struck me as a bit of a peepee toucher, like Pee-wee Herman without the vampire makeup

Except nah cuz Agent Cooper had something called taste

Anybody know who the fuck Seth Meyers is ?