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In God’s Country is not a rarity… it was on The Joshua Tree.

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May 23, 2015 on Watch Overzealous Fan Play Live Rarity “In God’s Country” With U2 In Phoenix

It truly was hard to read, mostly because it was terribly written. Add on top of that, the ill-fated attempt at humor…

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May 21, 2015 on Pixies – Trompe Le Monde (1991) / Indie Cindy (2014)

Jack White and Record Store Day are creating a collector’s market where people hoard limited edition vinyl and pay absurd prices for them on the used market. There are those who are completionists and huge fans of artists and must have each release on vinyl so that they can listen to it and have it forever. Then there are those who buy up all the limited edition vinyl to later flip on ebay.

Music releases shouldn’t sell out in one day, while digital will exist of it that is not the ultimate medium for songs people cherish.

And as mentioned above, I’ve had a record at the pressing plant since October, and it is constantly being pushed for Record Store Day. First the Black Friday edition and now this one. It is no surprise we just saw our first test pressing as RSD pressings got completed.

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April 15, 2015 on Third Man Details Extensive Record Store Day 2015 Plans

“I produced the record — meaning that I went in and helped arrange the vocals.”

“helped” is not a strong word. And he should mention that he did more than help arrange vocals, as in the hip-hop world there is more to producing than arranging vocals.

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March 30, 2015 on Deputy Says He Produced “90-95%” Of “Bitch Better Have My Money”

And the version he did with Harrison on SNL! They did Here Comes the Sun and then Homeward Bound.

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September 26, 2014 on Watch Paul Simon Cover “Here Comes The Sun” And Remember George Harrison On Conan

And with Thomas Mars being the vocalist, drummer, and co-writer of “Playground Love”

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April 2, 2013 on Watch Phoenix Play “The Real Thing” In San Francisco

Horrible recording… Live take using one mic? There is no mixing… No compression, no reverb…

Still, huge fan.

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March 14, 2013 on Joanna Newsom – “The North Star Grassman And The Ravens” (Sandy Denny Cover) Video

Not a typo, google it.

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March 11, 2013 on Azealia Banks Shares New Single, Wishes Death Upon The Stone Roses

Jack White is everything that is wrong with Record Store Day. He will release several things in severely small quantities, opportunists will pick them up and then post them on ebay for huge sums. Fans who love the music and are driven/compelled to be completionists will pony up the money and the nobody wins.

I think it is great that he has taken such interest in vinyl. I just feel he doesn’t understand how many people would love to collect this stuff. Severely short runs really hurts the fans. He makes these things so the fans can feel the connection, I feel he should produce quantities that gives people a chance to experience what he loves about vinyl, owning it and listening to it.

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February 20, 2013 on Jack White Named Ambassador Of Record Store Day 2013

Pretty sure you have the wrong band when you say “slew of eps and pair of full lengths…”

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February 7, 2013 on Houses – “The Beauty Surrounds” Video

Sounds like the Bullitts is scoring the Great Gatsby and Jay-Z is telling him vaguely how things should sound.

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January 2, 2013 on Jay-Z Scoring Great Gatsby

I still babble about seeing MBV live as well. Never been a part of anything quite like it before. The entire audience afterwards was just gobsmacked and felt like a community.

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December 26, 2012 on My Bloody Valentine Finish Mastering New Album

errr… “the very Interpol-sounding first single”

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August 6, 2012 on Paul Banks – “The Base”

Noel’s latest album was really fantastic, he will be relevant for a long time. Liam, however, is no longer relevant.

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June 20, 2012 on Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Everybody’s On The Run” Video (Feat. Mischa Barton)

Holy shit… actual music journalism on Stereogum after the departure of Amrit/Brandon/Scott… I don’t believe my eyes.

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June 19, 2012 on Fiona Apple’s Freak Appeal

One of the best!

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June 13, 2012 on Bat For Lashes The Haunted Man Out This Fall

Oh shit… Hipsters love Fleetwood Mac, I’m going to have to offer my condolences to all the hipsters I see today. They’ll reminisce about how they found a single Fleetwood Mac vinyl at a thrift store and therefore became their favorite band after they found out another friend did the same thing. It’s going to be a hard day for them all.

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June 8, 2012 on R.I.P. Bob Welch

Godamnit Neil Young… one of the all-time great originals making this drivel.

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May 29, 2012 on Stream Neil Young And Crazy Horse Americana

Nope, just a name change. There is some stuff recorded as Warsaw available out here I suggest you check it out.

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May 10, 2012 on 11 Classic Bands Who Changed Their Names

Stereogum has become somewhat of a joke… Uncertainty if the writers are actually listening to the music and clearly them seeing any story about a legacy act and then posting it just because.

I’m going to guess that Buzzmedia is behind the direction of this site, more pandering and less celebration of music.

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May 3, 2012 on Watch Norah Jones Live From Letterman Webcast