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Warmup gigs aren't for the band to warm up their abilities. Warmup gigs are to dial in the setlist/sequence, get the lighting/sound guys accustomed to the set, and get the guitar tech used to gear changes. It gives the band a chance to gel in front of an audience and hear how things feel/sound on stage. I guarantee they've been playing in a rehearsal studio for at least a month prior to this gig.
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April 2, 2016 on Watch Guns N’ Roses Play Their First Reunion Show
They are releasing it as a single cohesive release at the end of the year.
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February 26, 2016 on The Raveonettes – “Run Mascara Run”
Until a year or two ago, each "best original song" was performed at the Academy Awards. This changed a few years back and now they only choose a couple.
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February 25, 2016 on ANOHNI Shares Open Letter About Not Attending The Oscars
This is a great record, one I enjoy every bit as much today as I did 10 years ago. But let us not forget the best record released on this day 10 years ago, the Elected's Sun, Sun, Sun. That record is perfection.
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January 26, 2016 on Rabbit Fur Coat Turns 10
His First #1... in the United States. He had plenty of #1s in other countries, especially the UK.
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January 12, 2016 on Looks Like David Bowie Will Get His First #1 Album
No, one does not! Thanks for the link.
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January 8, 2016 on Chairlift – “Crying In Public”
I'm not a huge Chairlift fan, but Caroline's pitch is, in my opinion, the finest example outside of the classical world and she would line up really well in that world. She hits pitch instantly and her melodies have really unique shifts and changes between notes. Her Ramona Lisa project was pretty good. I'm intrigued by Grimes, and need to listen to more. I feel there is really great stuff a layer under some choices that are off-putting to me. Mainly her use of filters and some of her vocal effects(not affects).
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January 8, 2016 on Chairlift – “Crying In Public”
It's very different... I hate to break it to you, but music doesn't exist in six month cycles where every female fronted band that comes out is the 'enter adjective here' version of a notable female front album that came out earlier in that year.
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January 8, 2016 on Chairlift – “Crying In Public”
Nor does the article. What Joanna needs is an article written about her that doesn't call out every thing a journalist as said about her, even a defense of the negative hyperbole that has been thrown at her gives it power. Also, comparisons to Beyonce and Kate Bush are delicately sexist. Kate Bush I will give people, as Kate Bush was one of the first women to have complete artistic control and made music that was considered a fully original composition. Comparing to Beyonce, like Beyonce is some sort of 'True North' for female vocalists to aspire to... that I'm not a fan of. Joanna and Beyonce operate out of two completely different spectrums of the music industry.
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November 13, 2015 on The 10 Best Joanna Newsom Songs
Whirr's record label is Graveface, they have put out a split and short EP/single on Run for Cover. Hopefully Graveface takes a stand.
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October 20, 2015 on Label Drops Whirr Over Transphobic Tweets
Don't fucking talk over the intro to the fucking song... Jesus christ... You call yourself a DJ...
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September 17, 2015 on Ryan Adams – “Bad Blood” (Taylor Swift Cover)
Interestingly enough, any festival you play they give you these pieces of plastic with your credentials on them. These can get you in and out of the places you are allowed. If you lack these credentials you don't get to go anywhere.
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August 28, 2015 on Leeds Festival Locks Evian Christ In A Cage After Mistaking Him For Gatecrasher
He has a rough mix for each track, he has not finished mixing the record.
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August 18, 2015 on Preview Ryan Adams’ Covers Of Taylor Swift’s “Style” & “Blank Space”
Stereogum is shamelessly gunning for page views with this post.
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August 11, 2015 on John Fogerty Joins The Voice As Adam Levine’s Advisor
This annoyed me as well, if anything Bjork said the complete opposite of "singing Vulnicura songs was too hard" as that would be well within her control, not "reasons beyond her control". Have you not noticed that Stereogum has become "Lazy Journalism" over the past couple years? Updates on who joined Taylor Swift at her concerts, music feuds, Bests to Worsts, etc... The site, once upon a time, wrote about experiencing music and what they enjoyed about it. Not just news updates and pop music click baiting.
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August 11, 2015 on Björk Canceled Tour Dates Because Singing Vulnicura Songs Was Too Hard And Because She’s Working On New Music
In God's Country is not a rarity... it was on The Joshua Tree.
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May 23, 2015 on Watch Overzealous Fan Play Live Rarity “In God’s Country” With U2 In Phoenix
It truly was hard to read, mostly because it was terribly written. Add on top of that, the ill-fated attempt at humor...
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May 21, 2015 on Pixies – Trompe Le Monde (1991) / Indie Cindy (2014)
Jack White and Record Store Day are creating a collector's market where people hoard limited edition vinyl and pay absurd prices for them on the used market. There are those who are completionists and huge fans of artists and must have each release on vinyl so that they can listen to it and have it forever. Then there are those who buy up all the limited edition vinyl to later flip on ebay. Music releases shouldn't sell out in one day, while digital will exist of it that is not the ultimate medium for songs people cherish. And as mentioned above, I've had a record at the pressing plant since October, and it is constantly being pushed for Record Store Day. First the Black Friday edition and now this one. It is no surprise we just saw our first test pressing as RSD pressings got completed.
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April 15, 2015 on Third Man Details Extensive Record Store Day 2015 Plans