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 +1Posted on Apr 12th | re: Watch OutKast Reunite At Coachella (27 comments)

Would also love to see the headlines if Kanye was cut off and was ok with it because he’d have to pay.

 +6Posted on Apr 12th | re: Watch OutKast Reunite At Coachella (27 comments)

One of the worst sets by a headliner I’ve seen in awhile. They haven’t performed together in years and it shows. Andre looked completely out of it (back to crowd on Hey Ya?), and he didn’t even pretend to sing with the backing tracks at certain parts. Future coming out and pimping his album – really? It started ok but when they moved to the solo album tracks it was just downhill from there. Hope to god it improves as the shows go on because this was just terrible.

 +3Posted on Apr 11th | re: Watch Coachella 2014 Here All Weekend (11 comments)

If it’s anything like last year, they will replay all channels continuously until tomorrow starts.

 +5Posted on Mar 24th | re: R.I.P. Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) (10 comments)

Nardwuar’s interview with him is one of the greatest interviews of all time.

 0Posted on Mar 21st | re: Is Record Store Day Bad For Record Stores? (26 comments)

I really want one too. I think it may be tough to find :(.

 0Posted on Feb 6th | re: Stream Yumi Zouma Yumi Zouma EP (1 comments)

*Four* tracks. All great.

 +1Posted on Jan 9th | re: The Coachella 2014 Poster Font Size Hunger Games (54 comments)

Janelle played last year and Flying Lotus the year before.

 +1Posted on Oct 3rd, 2013 | re: The 10 Best St. Vincent Songs (59 comments)

Damn, all of these songs are great. I remember hearing The Strangers for the first time and wanting to just *live* in the song. Nice to see Krokodil on here. When she played it at Coachella last year she sang the entire thing crowd surfing and people were going nuts.

The 4AD session ( is a great intro and shows off her insane guitar skills (Surgeon especially). That guitar tone on Year of the Tiger is lovely too.

 +1Posted on Sep 19th, 2013 | re: Stereogum's 40 Best New Bands Of 2013 (127 comments)

The Empress Of EP is so damn good. Glad to see her on here.

 +6Posted on Aug 30th, 2013 | re: Fiona Apple Curses Audience, Storms Offstage At Louis Vuitton Event (55 comments)

Hit submit too soon – she probably thought the event would be a little more her style/audience based on the women being honored.