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 +3Posted on Sep 25th | re: Kanye Apparently Played His New Album In Paris Last Night (3 comments)

His upcoming album has Kanye as an executive producer and it has a couple new ‘Ye verses so yeah I believe him. Not sure why Kanye is producing tracks for dudes like Theophilus and Tyga when he has Mos and Q-Tip on the GOOD Music roster who both haven’t even released music in a while.

 +4Posted on Aug 27th | re: Grimes - "Go" Video (41 comments)

I like it. Reminds me of Hype WIlliams videos from the 90′s that my mother would not approve of.

 0Posted on Aug 21st | re: Run The Jewels - "Blockbuster Night Part 1" (35 comments)


That last verse though..

 +5Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Death Grips Break Up (89 comments)

In the last three years they’ve released 5 albums and have kept me satisfied when it comes to experimental weird shit. They entertained and pissed me off a lot of times too. Each new album sounded more radical and crazier than the previous one but they had my attention every time a new album dropped. Despite all the fuckery and excuses like “oh, its art”, I do believe they are one of the most interesting groups in the 21st century so far.

 +3Posted on Jun 26th | re: Grimes - "Go" (126 comments)

Better than a lot of the shit Rihanna’s team has made.

 +7Posted on May 12th | re: Video Shows Solange Attacking Jay Z In An Elevator (50 comments)

Beyonce was probably like “WORLD STAR!!”

 0Posted on Apr 14th | re: Coachella 2014: The 9 Best Things From Saturday (11 comments)

As much shit Lorde gets for being another name on the Billboard and itunes charts she gets my attention because her music stands out. We can write about her influences but this young girl and the team behind her sound are actually making music that doesn’t sound like the bullshit Dr. Luke and Shellback are producing.

“Annie Clark.. from The Vincents?”

I died.

 +4Posted on Jan 26th | re: Grammys 2014: Comment Party & Drinking Game (210 comments)

Would rather watch a Chief Keef and Chicago performance instead of Robin Thicke and Chicago.

 +2Posted on Jan 26th | re: Grammys 2014: Comment Party & Drinking Game (210 comments)

Just tuned in. The kid on the piano reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s joker for some reason.