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Man... that title had me thinking Dre was the one getting mad. Was about to make a steriod joke too.
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July 25, 2016 on Dr. Dre Searched By Police In Road Rage Incident
Only way I'll enter this charity contest is if there is a high chance I get to touch Thom's man bun.
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July 20, 2016 on Charity Contest Offers VIP Trip To Radiohead Concert With Edward Norton
Damn Nils gone too soon. Even when somebody go away, the feelings don't really go away. That's just the wave...
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July 18, 2016 on Taylor Swift Ditches Nils Sjoberg Pseudonym
Taylor's the type of person to not admit she finished the milk and leaves the mostly empty container in the fridge.
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July 18, 2016 on TMZ: Taylor Swift Threatened Kanye West With Criminal Prosecution For Recording Phone Call
I really tried to get into their last LP but the prog rock stuff just wasn't working for me. To this day I still listen to Cross, Planisphere, and some of the live album tracks so I'm really looking forward to this next album.
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July 13, 2016 on Justice – “Safe And Sound”
I just wanted to say.. fuck it I'm speechless.
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June 29, 2016 on Angel Olsen – “Shut Up Kiss Me” Video
No way I'll be able to pick a favorite track. I already adore this album from start to end.
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June 28, 2016 on Blood Orange – “Augustine” Video
You guys should get West Coast writers because this has been available since yesterday night.
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June 28, 2016 on Stream Blood Orange Freetown Sound
Ye should've had Swizz Beatz randomly popping up throughout the video doing his annoying adlibs.
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June 25, 2016 on Kanye West Unveils “Famous” Video Depicting Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner, & Other Celebs Naked In Bed With Him
I will forever be grateful to Dre and his last album for introducing me to Anderson Paak.
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June 21, 2016 on The Avalanches – “Subways”
Clearly he didn't learn anything from Floyd Mayweather.
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June 9, 2016 on Watch Justin Bieber Get Into A Fistfight In Cleveland
Man.. I can see the camera through Q's sunglasses a couple times. Kinda ruins the video.
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June 2, 2016 on Schoolboy Q – “THat Part” (Feat. Kanye West) Video
Either the whole Calabasas Kardashian circus shitshow has fucked with his head or he's taking this "name one genius that ain't crazy" mentality to another level and he simply does not give a fuck. I'm not sure if the Ellen show is the right place to vent and express his ideas. Sometimes I think the best artists leave this planet due to unfortunate circumstances and the yes men they surround themselves with are partly to blame. Scooter Braun needs to step it up and help this dude.
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May 19, 2016 on Watch Kanye West’s Intense, Passionate Ellen Interview
Goddammit Kanye fucked up the intro.
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May 13, 2016 on Download Chance The Rapper Coloring Book
He looks like he's wearing a hair net.
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May 10, 2016 on Hip-Hop Critic Gene Simmons Thinks Thom Yorke Could Rap
I kinda feel bad for James Blake. I was reminded of elementary school when you sneak in that cool new Pokemon card but then the next day some other kid brings in a holographic card and shits all over your moment.
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May 9, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Hell yes. I hope Modern Soul is on the album because I need a CDQ version.
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May 5, 2016 on James Blake’s New Album The Colour In Anything Out Tonight, Hear Three New Tracks
I assumed Drake was going to remain creatively consistent like Kanye when it came to having great albums from beginning to end. We're barely in the second quarter of this year and already both of these rap heavyweights have released their albums and both albums ended up being forgettable. I think Chance, RTJ, and that Kendrick/Cole joint are the only albums I'm looking forward to. Kinda getting the feeling this year in hip hop might disappoint due to there being only 1 or 2 good albums each quarter. Damn, the best rap album so far was an album with unmastered joints from Kendrick.
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May 5, 2016 on Drake “Sold” 1.2M Copies Of Views Only Thanks To Old “Hotline Bling” Streams
Spectre made me feel very hopeful and positive about the upcoming LP. When the Burn the Witch single dropped it confirmed that Jonny's input would be obvious and I think this upcoming album will not disappoint. I kind of blame Thom and his interest in recent experimental electronic music artists such as Flylo, Burial, and Four Tet as the reason why KoL wasn't universally beloved. The other guys probably knew they had to approach this next album differently and the new single definitely reflects that. Also, while on the subject of potential AOTY's, ANOHNI's new album so far after a couple listens feels underwhelming. Unfortunately, it reminded me of Woodkid.
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May 4, 2016 on This Is A Low-Flying Panic Attack: What’s At Stake For Radiohead Fans In The “Burn The Witch” Era
OH SHIT! *faints*
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April 23, 2016 on Stream Beyoncé LEMONADE
Someone clearly forgot to end their subscription after the free trial was over.
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April 18, 2016 on Someone’s Suing Kanye West And Tidal Because Pablo Is No Longer Exclusive
But what if the album is so different that I'm not ready? June is very fucking close you guys! Do I need new earphones and speakers? Can my car stereo handle this album? Is it something I can hear during the day or during summer nights? What if July comes and I'm still not ready for the possible Flying Lotus remixes?
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April 14, 2016 on Radiohead Manager Says LP9 Out In June, Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard
"His best album might be 808s & Heartbreak" - This honestly gave me such a good laugh that I stopped reading and went straight to the comments.
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April 13, 2016 on On Kanye West’s Perfect “Pop Style” Verse
Calculus doesn't care about your emotions.
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April 6, 2016 on Margaret Glaspy – “Emotions And Math”
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March 21, 2016 on Jai Paul & A.K. Paul Have A New Project Called Paul Institute
This is completely unrelated but the new layout for the Pitchfork site makes me appreciate Stereogum a lot more since the site is so easy to navigate.
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March 17, 2016 on Kanye West Announces The Life Of Pablo Pop-Up Shop
Dr. Luke was responsible for helping produce and write a good amount of songs that were terrible and made flipping through the radio during past road trips a pain in the ass. He claims he's like a big brother to artists the labels are trying to push to the top of the Billboard charts. He definitely embodies the typical sleazy music industry guy that is usually behinds the scenes making a shit load of money while artists come and go (or in Kesha's case held hostage and taken advantage of). Also, while on the subject of industry vultures, people should look into Lyor Cohen and his involvement with artists like Young Thug, Migos, and Fetty Wap. Those interviews with him and Young Thug were very odd.
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March 9, 2016 on Sony To Reportedly Cut Ties With Dr. Luke