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 0Posted on Sep 10th, 2010 | re: New Oasis - "Falling Down" (55 comments)

They were great in the early days and I was lucky enough to see them during the Definitely Maybe tour and WTS(MG) but some of their later output was a bit by the by. I continued to follow them more for the brilliant stand up comedy nature of their interviews towards the end than their music.

Still one of my favorite albums of all time is the Masterplan – goes to show how much great music they were knocking out at the start and stands head and shoulders over later fully promoted albums.

 0Posted on Sep 10th, 2010 | re: New Oasis Video - "The Shock Of The Lightning" (17 comments)

Shame they didn’t break up a lot sooner than this cause then we could be looking forward to reunion by now and they wouldn’t have made quite a few of their more turgid albums.

That said they were always great for a quote and nme are featuring 50 of Liams best at the minute. Quality stuff. The guy has such a way with words.

 0Posted on Sep 10th, 2010 | re: VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time (1349 comments)

No Tribe Called Quest, No The Verve, No credibility to this list.

 0Posted on Aug 29th, 2010 | re: New Boards Of Canada Video - "Dayvan Cowboy" (20 comments)

BoC are genius. This album grew on me over time and is now my fav of theirs. How dare people compare them to Moby… how dare?!! (says waving fist, puffing cheeks, 1000 yard stare).

Album of sheer genius. They are one of the rare bands who actually get better with each release. Jeez I hope they release something new soon. It’s been so long but then I guess greatness takes time.

 0Posted on Aug 26th, 2010 | re: New Verve Video - "Love Is Noise" (10 comments)

Beautiful video. Shame there were not more like this to come from the album. The final vid for the single they released said it all with Ashcroft directing and starring alone. I love you Rich but boy are you a nob at times. That said I had the pleasure of a chin wag with him once and he was a genuinely good bloke. He used to drink in my old pub till it got ruined by the posh set. Shame as… oh hang on I’m going way off topic. Long Live RA and the Verve.

 0Posted on Aug 26th, 2010 | re: New Verve - "I See Houses" (Stereogum Premiere) (13 comments)

Shame the album never lived up to its more magic moments. As one friend said to me you can actually hear the track the band couldn’t stand being in the same room together. There’s a definite sense of a half finished record. Having sat in many a mixing session with bands you can imagine that it would either be Ashcroft and Salisbury one day doing one treatment and then McCabe and Jones coming in the next day to do it all from scratch and them all having to agree on some half limp middle ground.

Such a shame given how Love is Noise and I’d rather be hinted at how it could have gone had they just been able to get along for a bit longer. Oh well I guess that’s the Verve through and through. Looking forward to reunion time 2032.

The Verve were one of the best bands of the past few decades and a storm in heaven still leaves me with goose bumps no matter how many times I’ve played it. Just such a shame that RA has turned his back on such progressive sounds and settled on some middle of the road AOR dressed up in gospel spiritualism.

If only Nick McCabe and co could hook up with an Ashcroft devoid of such a massive ego. You would have thought by now they could all get along but I guess they never will and at least they gave us some great memories in Camden when they played a full back catalogue – something I’d given up believing could ever happen.

Long live the Verve, long live less ego.

It’s all just very very sad. The corporations have won as usual. Everyone is sold out in the end because humans are greedy mo’s. Shame Kurts name gets dragged down by his ex-wife. He deserved better.

 0Posted on Aug 26th, 2010 | re: A Profile Of Kurt Cobain's Grandpa (6 comments)

Poor old fella must get hounded for all sorts of stuff he wouldn’t have known about.