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Obligatory "God, even THESE PEOPLE are getting married :(" comment. #foreveralone
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November 28, 2011 on This Is Just A VERY Good Kiss
Comment re: "SOPHIA WAS IN THE BARN THE WHOLE TIME WHY DIDN'T HERSHEL SAY SOMETHING" thing... During Zombie Fishing at the swamp, Hershel mentioned that Otis used to be the one responsible for wrangling rogue Walkers into the barn, and now that Otis is no more, the rest of them have to do it. I assumed that Zombie Sophia was caught by Otis somewhere in between when she ran away from Rick in the woods and when Shane and Otis went into town for medical supplies to save Stupid Carl. Since there wasn't really any amount of time for the two groups to exchange notes on why they were in the area before the meds run, Otis never got the chance to mention "oh, hey, we've got a zombified little girl in the barn..." before Shane offed him. Talking Dead confirmed this; there was a flashback that was cut that showed Otis putting Zombie Sophia in the barn.
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November 28, 2011 on The Walking Dead S02E07: Season Finale (Sort Of?)
Team Ebert, no lie. People are all "omgz RIP Ryan Dunn" on Facebook while seemingly forgetting the fact that he killed another person by drunk driving. Of all the Jackass cast members I wished death upon, Bam Margera was at the top of the list, specifically because he is a whiny little bitch.
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June 21, 2011 on More Twitter News: Roger Ebert Hurt Bam Margera’s Feelings!
This is a Mom Movie. How do I know this? My mom got all excited about the "sequel" to the "memoir"/book(OF LIES) that was written by Augustus' mother. "It's the rebuttal! It's her side of the story!" "But wasn't she basically crazy and a wholly terrible person, period? Why would I want to read her 'side' of what basically amounted to child abuse?" "...Well, your aunt said she heard about it on Oprah. You should read it." Oprah --> Mom Books --> Mom Movies
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June 20, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Running With Scissors
Thoughts while watching without sound: "Too many cutaway shots! I feel like I'm getting motion sickness. Hey Director Kid, it's OK to stay on a shot for more than 4 seconds. Give me time to adjust to your image before throwing me to something else. *hork*" "Hey, I have that IKEA bedspread." "I don't know, there's a lot of Gender Issues going on here." Girl takes her panties off at 1:09 and I am Too Old For These Shenanigans. And I feel dizzy. Someone else will have to tell me how this video ends, hopefully in bloodshed and mass extinction of these Hipster Scenekids*. *note: I have no idea if these are Scenekids, Hipster Scenekids, or what. Get off my lawn, etc.
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June 20, 2011 on Teenagers, You Are Still Liking Music Wrong
#UnpopularOpinionCommentAhead I dunno, guys, I kinda liked it. Granted, I wasn't glued to the TV for every single episode, but I read recaps online and watched probably every other episode. Was the finale unsatisfying in the sense that we didn't find out FOR REALS if Richmond is the killer? Sure, I guess. But I mean, who else could it possibly be? IMO, the show stopped being about Rosie's killer and started being about everyone else and the ways they're killing themselves through this investigation. Richmond with his Dead Wife Drowning fetish, Gwen with her Supplicant Woman schtick, Linden and her Novocaine Affect (constantly). TLDR; I liked it. I like the ambiguity that the finale set up for us. I like how Richmond is totally the killer, now the question is how Linden fixes Holder's fuckup-slash-betrayal. Will I watch in 2012? Probably, but I wish AMC would reboot the second season in the fall.
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June 20, 2011 on The Killing Season One Finale
Of all the Jackass cast members I wished death upon, Ryan Dunn was always at the bottom of the list.
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June 20, 2011 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Ryan Dunn
Mount Royal-Pain-In-The-Ass
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June 17, 2011 on Terrible Woman Went To Lots Of Schools
Oh, trust, we are. We like to think of Atlanta as the "starter city" for Canadian teams.
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June 16, 2011 on An Open Letter To Vancouver
Hey y'all, first time commenter here, long-time reader, love your show, etc etc. I'm a Calgary Monster and I was having a great time watching the game. Then shit started burning, windows were getting smashed, port-o-potties were overturned, and police moved in. Roommate and I turned off the TV because it stopped looking like Vancouver and more like a scene from some developing county.
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June 16, 2011 on An Open Letter To Vancouver