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Best Song: Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams
Best Music Video: Vennu Mallesh – It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do
Indie Crush: Fiona Apple
Best TV Show: Breaking Bad
Best Movie: Beasts Of The Southern Wild
Best Viral Video: Krispy Kreme – The Baddest

Best Album: Tame Impala – Lonerism

 +1Posted on Jun 7th, 2011 | re: Bon Iver Premature Evaluation (33 comments)

“Beth/Rest” sounds like it should be played during a sad episode of Saved By The Bell.

 0Posted on Jan 18th, 2011 | re: The 20 Most Overlooked LPs Of 2010 (145 comments)

Well written, sir. I fully agree with this statement. So sick of this kind of criteria when judging new music. Who cares if something is 100% original and doesn’t sound like anything else ever if that piece of music is shitty? Maybe there’s a reason nobody ever did that particular sound yet. Cause it fucking sucks!

Here are some records from 2010 that may not be the most original sounds ever recorded, but the quality of songwriting is very high and I enjoy these records more than 99% of the other crap out there:

Taylor Locke & The Roughs – Grain & Grape
Taylor Locke & The Roughs – Marathon (2 albums released last year)
Bleu – Four
Ex Norwegian – Sketch

 +3Posted on Apr 26th, 2010 | re: M.I.A. - "Born Free" Video (NSFW) (95 comments)

Someone PLEASE get this video to CopperCab so he can make a reaction video! It would make my week.