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These TMZ bitches are weak. Pussy ass comment: "I am going to fuck with charity, because they make me feel bad and I am a pussy-ass bitch" All those haters do is make money talking about peeps they are jealous at. Fuck the TMZ, I shit on them. They ain't got no real skills, the only reason they ain't sucking ass for a living is that they hide their bullshit with "journalism". Say that Shit to me TMZ! Let me see you come to the 210 and tey to fuck with me.
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October 4, 2010 on Charlyne Yi Gets PUNK’D By TMZ Because Fuck Poor People?
Y'all remember the Dreamcast? MJ was in Space Channel 5 and Ready 2 Rumble. That was my shit. I used to snap on fools with my boy Afro Thunder. Me and dude was unstoppable.
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September 21, 2010 on Michael Jackson: The Videogame?
Don Draper is gangsta. Here's a show about his shorty.
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September 21, 2010 on The Real Life Betty Draper Revealed, Not So Awful IRL
Hell yeah!!! I was blazing when this show was on. That's What I'm talking about.
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September 21, 2010 on Oh Shoot, So We Have To Watch The Event Now?
Yo man, when you gonna talk about dope shit again? Don't ask don't tell, racism, teen pregnancy, etc. Shit on some movies, that shit is fire.
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September 21, 2010 on Bristol Palin On Dancing With The Stars, Of Course