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I think he was implying it was irresponsible to to have a festival for a form of music where everyone going and listening takes molly, a drug known for overheating your body and dehydrating you, in a city where the weather is hitting 105 degrees on average. Having typed that, I acknowledge that EDC is almost entirely at night, when the temperatures are more fit for human living (and partying).

But, I’ve thought similar things about EDC and not temperatures but drug laws. Las Vegas and Nevada drug laws are draconian. Simple possession is a felony that can lead to actual prison time (as well as a life-destroying felony conviction). Having a festival based around drugs there is like a honeytrap for ruining the lives of your customers. And, like Petty, I did think that the festival organizers in this case care more about money than the well being of their attendees.

I’m not sure what’s “troubling” about the allegations – I breezed through them in the article summaries when this first happened and it seems like normal stuff for being around this particular label. I mean, if any of this counts as sexual harassment in this work environment, then so would basically reading any of the lyrics by any of these artists. I mean, there has to be some context for the workplace one is in – I had a friend that worked in porn publishing, silly gifts and dildos as bookends or paperweights were the norm – I’m not certain how different this label would be from any other adult entertainment workplace – I mean, the fact that Kid Rock accepted the glass dildo seems more proof to me that it wasn’t anything connoting sexual violence directed at her, but a silly gift.

Maybe in the future this will teach them to spend real money and hire a real publicist?

The attacks on Richardson seem to be part of a new Puritanism disguising itself as feminism/women’s rights.

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I’m not *that* angry! just annoyed. And you’re right – I hadn’t bothered looking at albums before ’59 Sound. I was introduced to the band via a label showcase for the release of ’59 Sound and read the pr the music press was copy/pasting as “punk” and… Yeah it’s annoying to me when wannabe stadium rock gets labelled punk and music writers who should use a little independent thought keep using the term even many years and albums after it would be remotely applicable.

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die antwoord – pitbull terrier

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Why did you ever call them a punk band? I mean, I know it’s what their publicist told you to call them in the press materials, but what about ’59 Sound was remotely punk to you? And I loved ’59 Sound as a great, Springsteen inspired album. But there was nothing remotely punk about it or anything that has followed. They’ve always been wanna-be stadium rock – which I’m not insulting; they’re good at it. But music blogs willingly calling them punk just because their label/publicity machine told you to for “authenticity” always got under my skin a little.

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There’s no reason to think it’s true. Her career started with a whole lot of lying to the press so there’s no reason to think her or her publicity machine has changed.

I liked it.

I bet Hornsby is all like, WHERE’S ‘THE RANGE’?!

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Between this and your Lilly Allen piece in my feed today… If I wanted coverage of shallow, shit pop acts I’d follow Rolling Stone or Spin. What the fuck? I’m on the verge of giving up and dropping you from my feeds.

Eh, I’m pretty addicted to your videos section, honestly. But let this be another reader asking you to stop this shit.

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Well, it could be true… it could be false. But since it’s nothing but an internet rumor with no proof it would be unfair to mention it at every mention of his name forevermore.