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 0Posted on Sep 26th, 2012 | re: The Replacements Albums From Worst To Best (72 comments)

I can’t get behind any of these picks. Wow. Hootenany all the way back at 6? I feel like this list isn’t sincere. It’s more about generating a conversation…and here we are!

 0Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 | re: Foo Fighters Get A Greatest Hits ... Who Else Is Due? (138 comments)

Of Montreal would have to be coming up, but their catalog from beginning to end is bizarre.

 0Posted on Aug 26th, 2009 | re: New Atlas Sound - "Attic Lights" (25 comments)

Love this.

 0Posted on May 19th, 2009 | re: The Soft Bulletin Turns 10 (36 comments)

First off, Wubdub that is a brilliant one liner.

Second, would everyone agree there are 2 Flaming Lips: prior and post Zaireeka? They’re completely different animals.