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CDS FTW! I’m so retentive about them that I don’t loan cds out. I used to napster etc, and ended up with about 45 mp3 cds i have no idea whats on them because the .txt file is lost. Finally transported my 8?10? cd cases down to my house from my parents, now that i have no roommates that could possibly be thieves. DANG doesn’t it drive u crazy to get a scratch? and with legit mp3 downloads you can’t get the art!!! Toothpaste, btw is a good buffer for getting a scratch (not too deep) to play. ezz the one Cerebus big up :D

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June 22, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania

if you’re interested in my “avatar” it is directly from my art collection…or rather, what I determine as my art collection. get all up in my business at or go directly to The front page has my favorite personal work. Click gallery and then browse to see about 5 years of work.

Just remember, there are no girls on the internet and no, i’m not showing you my boobs.

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June 22, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania

That is one ridiculously huge stage. bless.

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June 22, 2012 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

I’m starting to regret being an edm lover. ffs deadmau5. go… live up to ur name. Hide in a corner, play dead, come out with some of your best edm then maybe i’ll have some respect for you. maybe. I think he’s just jealous Skrillex won those Grammys when he’s the one who signed him to his label & got Skrillex on the map. ffs. this dj vs dj shit is getting old!

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June 22, 2012 on Deadmau5 Is The Best EDM Artist, Says Deadmau5

Buttons to CUE ableton live or whatever.. not cute ;)

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June 19, 2012 on In Defense Of Skrillex

Dubstep Isn’t Music. That’s a good one. And completely incorrect. Maybe you’re in some other genre of music say, rock n roll or maybe opera. In the Live in Pompeii DVD, Pink Floyd admitted they had no idea what they were doing with the technology when they had it, they were just using it to make the sounds and using the sounds to make the music…(paraphrased)and they are one of the greatest bands of all time (IMHO) that affected an entire generation, and their musical effect still ripples outward TO THIS DAY.
So to sit there and say that dubstep isn’t music is to erase almost all of EDM off the map of creative, expressive output of sound, simply because it was created electronically? (see above paraphrase of PINK FLOYD ktnx). If this were the case, EDM wouldn’t exist: dubstep, drumstep, neurofunk, liquid, breaks, dnb, etc etc, –they wouldn’t exist at ALL were it not for the technology that allows the artists to push their feelings into this wonky bunch of circuitry we call a laptop or ipad or whatever..out through the magnetic pressure & sound wave machines called SPEAKERS which then hit the External Auditory Canal and… (ffs you don’t need an ear anatomy lesson).
EDM producers are basically composers yes as in Bach, Beethoven ETC. COMPOSERS of music! Am I saying they are anywhere near as skilled as the Classical Masters? Well, that is arguable and a comment debate for another time!
DJS are skilled turntablists that use their own or other people’s music to create “new” music through their mixes–and not 100 minute long mixes or CD releases, I’m talking about the several seconds where two pieces of music/tunes collide (hopefully not shoes in a dryer trainwreck style) to create a new sound. To tease the audience or to build up and DROP THE BASS!

As far as SXSW being when everyone jumped on the Skrillex Boat, I will use my googling skill and call you both out, Wesly and Michael.. it was after his signing to mau5trap recordings (Deadmau5’s label)–probably most logically having his tunes dropped by deadmau5 himself — to his gigantic fan base and in 2010 when his first production album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (that he just won a friggin grammy for) that we hardcore EDM lovers/Underground EDM music lovers, producers and djs started taking notice…at least those with their ears to the ground.
so, yes this article is behind on the times but better late than never I suppose.
Dubstep, I might add is an off shoot of DNB which came from HOUSE & TECHNO & developed originally in the UK. It is a genre still in its infancy and Skrillex has definitely made his mark.

The one thing I DO NOT support is Skrillex becoming a pop culture icon and the face of “Dubstep” when there are multiple genres of dubstep. I am also pissed, yes, that Skrillex is the first and ONLY Producer to be awarded a Grammy. There definitely needs to be a retroactive Grammy award if they are going to start awarding EDM producers, ffs. Of course, I wrote an entire Op-Ed about nearly everything I just touched on at www. genuineindividual .com (sorry don’t want to spam but it is related) As of this comment/post it is currently on the front page. If you are reading this a couple weeks later, just search for Skrillex at the top right of the page.
Anyway, Skrillex had the right combination to be skyrocketed to Underground fame & now Hollywood: The right sound (I will always assert that Sonny Moore is a creative soul.) The right uh, haircut?! aka the right “look” Kim Kardashian has a big booty, Skrillex has the glasses and probably a painful neck from tilting his head all the time. This combination of signature look & sound made Skrillex an unforgettable artist/producer. No, sorry, i will NOT call him a DJ. I have not once seen him mix in any shape form or fashion either on CDJs or the revered, analog turntables. His sets consist of him putting on a good show: bouncing around, flinging his hair, staying hype on and off the mic appropriately…all the while only pushing buttons to cute ableton live or whatever it is on his laptop.
In Summary, Calling Dubstep “not music” is like calling any innovators of rock n roll or any, any other genre of music “not artists” or “not composers”. I can’t believe I just came to the “defense of Skrillex” but being in the scene as long as I have, I can’t stand reading people whose closed mindedness & egoes prevents them from experiencing new things. I mean ffs, its not like anyone is asking you to jump out of an airplane. It’s EDM. and NO, you do not have to be on drugs to enjoy the music, you friggin candy kids. If so, I wouldn’t have a job as I listen every single day to the latest & greatest from the hottest producers & labels at work while I design.
Everyone has their own specific genre, in general, that they enjoy. Dont hate, appreciate. EDM is the evolved music of the century. Producers (and artists of other genres) are the composers of today, shaping, whether or not you like it, our culture, our perceptions, our hearts & minds and our world.
diatribe over.
bassgeisha out.

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June 19, 2012 on In Defense Of Skrillex

Uh, yeah? They only helped define alt rock along with other greats like Nirvana, RATM, etc. ffs

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June 19, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania

Ugh well, nice critique I guess, but it makes me rather sick.

ZERO was a f*king epic tune that whether you like it or not, still has shirts in production *today*. Which I think its rather crazy considering it was released in 1995?? That’s nearly 20 years later. So getting stuck in the “Zero Dimension” as you call it, I can’t exactly agree that is a bad thing. If everything they crank out sounds the same then sure, but I personally don’t believe this is the case, even with this album and I haven’t even heard it yet >.<

I personally LOVED Corgan's The Future Embrace, and in fact got my musical production name from it. No, I'm not sharing it yet, sorry. ;)

The Smashing Pumpkins will forever be in my heart as a strong, alternative rock band straight from the 90's that kicked a$$ not only because I have their albums & songs memorized but also because —it showed me & other girls/women at the time how D'arcy Wretzky could set an example for all females to engage in massive bass bada$$ery!—- Even when she left & was replaced yadda yadda, having that female bassist was almost a Smashing Pumpkins expectation or look expected from the band.

To harp on Corgan because his music is changing is like punishing a teenager (or younger/older, I suppose) for growing, learning, and being shaped by life's events.

Are you the same person you were 1 year ago? 5 years ago? 10-20 years ago? I'm going to generalize and say OF COURSE NOT.
So WHY do you expect the same lot of music from a band that has been through a lot of changes, been affected by the same world events, and their own personal events? You speak of the Zero Dimension. What if they were stuck in a Cherub Rock dimension? You'l be slapping them on the wrist for that too!!

This article sounds quite like a LOT of other opinions/websites where the author(s) is jaded or cynical about Corgan/The Pumpkin's past glory, and wants to see them achieve similar status. I believe this could very easily affect the way the album is perceived/heard.

Yet oh my god when it comes to (i'll use RADIOHEAD–simply because I do enjoy irony)…radiohead you are so far up their a$$es that you can't see straight and praise every single strum of their guitar or vocal that comes out of Thom Yorke's throat. Give me a break.

Michael Nelson, perhaps it is time to revert back to your childhood (yes, I'm going somewhere with this). Go play Operation or Jenga or some other childhood boardgame like Sorry. **Find a way to view the world in a new light, in a new perspective,** instead of from your jaded Stereogum article-writing-cynical opinionated being that youv'e engendered.

Then, maybe if you rewrote the article, listened with fresh, new ears and MAYBE tried to perceive what Corgan was after with the album, it may be a constructive critique that I enjoy, that maybe even Corgan would enjoy and might acctually have an effect on the band as is stands today. Is this not the essence of a critique? to get inside the heads of an artist with a fresh, objective, constructive opinion? That's how I was taught in art school. And while this is a music website, I'm sure you can see the symbiotic relationship!.

This is very unfortunate because I am brand new to your site. Seeing such opinionated journalism is one thing — seeing something that has been rehashed and rehashed over and over again "ohh the pumpkins aren't as good as they were with Siamese Dream, etc"… it gets old before I even finish the article because I've heard it so many times before. Not to mention it threatens my "new user" status. I don't know how many people or hits you acquire each and every day, but it does make me wonder if/how/why you lose viewers and/or if you are even remotely interested in keeping them. (can't help it, it's the marketing & advertising and possibly the anthropologist specialist in me).

bassgiesha signing out.

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June 18, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania

Men don’t hit women or girls. BOYS and ONLY BOYS do.

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June 18, 2012 on Drake And Chris Brown Brawl In New York Nightclub

I lost 154%+ respect for Chris Brown when he beat up RiRi.

I knew that when she came on the scene that the way Rihanna would be treated would set the tone for a decade or more of the African American community’s treatment of women. Granted, The Destiny’s Children and others have not been through such brutality, but RiRi’s situation just brings up the whole Tina Turner decade yet again. It is sickening and completely unacceptable.

Good job Chris Brown.
Go f*ck yourself, cause any WOMAN (not GIRL) in her right might wouldn’t do so!!
bassgeisha out. :P

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June 18, 2012 on Drake And Chris Brown Brawl In New York Nightclub

Idk in all honesty I got really sad when he dated Tila Tequila, that crazy stupid !#%!#^! midget from mars. Billy, Really? you could do SO much better than that!

As far as him taking a piss out on the state of Rock n roll today… Good on him. it’s the critics, (not the trolls) that push artists of all kinds to hopefully strive to be better after constructive feedback. I’m not sure this was constructive, but it definitely counts as feedback…and sometimes BLUNT feedback is necessary to get another’s attention!

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June 18, 2012 on Billy Corgan Will “Piss On Fucking Radiohead”

Hmmm, What really makes me laugh is everyone getting so defensive over Skrillex. BTW He is not a DJ. He jumps around stage and hypes up the crowd, but in reality he is just punching a button to cue up the next tune from Ableton Live. I have *never*.. *never* seen Skrillex mix or blend two songs into one via cdjs or vinyl or serato. Never happened.
At the time of my writing this, all you little kiddies support the Skrill, which I’m NOT saying that he isn’t a creative soul. I do highly respect his creativity….anyway at the time of me writing this he has already won 3 Grammys. Yes, he name dropped Dieselboy in an acceptance speech. Skrillex knows, knew, or should know he is standing on the shoulders of GIANTS when he was awarded the Grammys. There would be no Skrillex had there not been a Drum and Bass, a House, a Techno.. an entire Underground culture that hundreds if not thousands of DJS have helped perpetuate, put their time, love, sweat, blood and tears into perpetuating the underground scene. …. I could keep going, If anyone is interested, please view my blog article on Skrillex winning Grammys here: I will link back to this article via ISSUU and direct link. Thanks man. XL Crew!!

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June 18, 2012 on In Defense Of Skrillex