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Fun fact: Vanilla Ice is not wearing make-up.
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June 6, 2011 on The 2011 Gathering Of The Juggalos
It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to tie my shoes the incorrect way. I've been doing it correctly, yet my shoes STILL constantly come untied. BULLROAR.
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May 24, 2011 on How To Tie Your Shoes Like A Genius
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April 29, 2011 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
Good points, Gabe. Counter point:
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April 4, 2011 on I Think We Owe Reality Television An Apology
"Taste my salty soup." Please say the innuendo was unintentional.
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February 17, 2011 on Top Chef: All-Stars S01E010: Say Hi To My Mother For Me
The best thing about the horror story that is Elizabeth Gilbert: her ex-husband Michael Cooper also got a book deal to write about his year of coping with divorce by doing the exact opposite thing, dedicating himself doubly to humanitarianism and human rights (he already did work in this area). However, the book was canceled when he refused his publisher's demand to make the book "racier." Please, 2012, come faster. Please.
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January 31, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Eat, Pray, Love
Zuckerberg, age 8:
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January 31, 2011 on Saturday Night Live: Jesse Eisenberg And Nicki Minaj
I don't understand. Is she saying I shouldn't get an abortion to get revenge if the baby steals my boyfriend?
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December 15, 2010 on A 12-Year Old Lectures Us About Abortion
I bet the producers are really regretting passing over Dave Coulier for the lead right about now.
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December 6, 2010 on The Beaver Trailer, You Guys "I will do anything you ask me to." -Jason Alexander
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December 3, 2010 on All The World’s Biggest Stars Lip Dub “Let It Be” For Some Reason
Oops, just saw it mentioned in the original post. Who's the Forrest Gump now? (Me, that's who.)
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December 3, 2010 on All The World’s Biggest Stars Lip Dub “Let It Be” For Some Reason
The biggest star of all: Michael Conner Humphreys, the actor who played young Forrest Gump!
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December 3, 2010 on All The World’s Biggest Stars Lip Dub “Let It Be” For Some Reason
"Yeah, I'd like to buy a book. The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men. No, no, no, it's for my sister. No, I do not have the Internet so I order things on the phone."
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December 3, 2010 on Your Girlfriend Katherine Chloe Cahoon Is Back!
After 5 years someone had to have told him that the Ace Ventura haircut is a bad look, right? Oops, nope!
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December 2, 2010 on Top Chef: All-Stars S01E01: The Gang’s All Here (And Also Marcel)
Counterproof to everything he believes is: white people are the only race stupid enough to give their children a Prince Valiant haircut.
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December 2, 2010 on The Andrew Show: A Racist Child Complains About Marmaduke
I feel bad for Joe, but I feel worse for Brokencyde. Joe had to hear them play once. Brokencyde has to hear their own music every night.
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November 23, 2010 on Taking One For The Team: The Brokencyde Concert Challenge
A million times yes. The absolute #1 worst movie I have ever seen.
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November 23, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Holiday Movie Nominees
There is a movie you have not seen starring Gene Wilder, Donald Sutherland, with a cameo appearance by Orson Welles. It was a "comedy" made in 1970. And it is the worst piece of shit I have ever seen. It is called Start The Revolution Without Me. In it, two sets of twins (yes, it's one of those twins played by the same guy movies), one rich and one poor, are mixed up at birth. But then there's mix-ups, mistaken identities, sex romps and other things people thought were funny in the 1970s. And something about the French Revolution. This "wacky" "farce" is much less "wacky" than it thinks. For instance, what the fuck is this scene: Ugh, this movie is a real shame. There's such a talented cast. And I got excited at the idea of period piece parody. But this movie is the very worst pile of horse shit I have ever seen. Not a single chuckle. And the ending, oh that ending. It makes zero sense. Like, I really have no idea what was supposed to have happened at the ending. My favorite thing is that the script, which is definitely the biggest problem with this movie, actually got nominated for the Writers Guild Award for best comedy. WHAT? Please watch this terrible movie that probably cost a jillion dollars and probably made zero.
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November 16, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: American Beauty
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November 4, 2010 on Let’s Fix The Poster For Mel Gibson’s The Beaver
Last year I had the Kool-aid man bursting out of my chest. I ended up getting in my first fistfight since middle school (long story) while wearing it. Afterwards the cops wanted to take pictures of the costume. I swear it wasn't a mug shot. Just finished this year's costume yesterday:
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October 28, 2010 on Halloween Costume Open Thread
Ugh, just shut down the whole damn democratic process. SHUT IT DOWN.
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October 26, 2010 on Rand Paul Supporters Curb Stomp Protester, Officially Making This The Funnest Election Ever
Everyone deserves a second chance after making anti-Semitic comments. And then when they blow their second chance for making racist/holy-fuck-you-might-murder-a-woman comments, they deserve another. After all, they were in The Man Without a Face.
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October 25, 2010 on Mel Gibson Mad About Something
Is It weird that I thought this was the strongest episode of the season by far? I thought this was the strongest episode of the season by far. At the very least there was no cricket-chirping clunker this week, which is more than I can say for the rest of the season. However, I find it super weird that they did that HGTV sketch again. It was basically the exactly the same as the last time they did it. Great sketch, but not really repeatable.
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October 25, 2010 on Saturday Night Live: Emma Stone And Kings Of Leon
oops, forgot: Harry Potter and the Weisse He Swallows
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October 19, 2010 on Best New Party Game 35: #BoozeMovies
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stein ...and the Chamber of Seabreeze ...and The Pilnser of Azkaban ...and the Gimlet of Fire ...and the Porter of the Phoenix ...and the Half-Price Buds
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October 19, 2010 on Best New Party Game 35: #BoozeMovies
Oh come on guys, the callers aren't that bad. This guy knows: "You should change you name from C-SPAN to Black-SPAN!"
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October 8, 2010 on Now THIS Is How You Rest A Case