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 0Posted on Sep 1st, 2010 | re: Stereogum's 40 Best New Bands Of 2010 (142 comments)

And speaking of Band To Watch… where was the love for Secret Cities on the list?

 0Posted on Aug 23rd, 2010 | re: Secret Cities - "Pink City" Video (5 comments)

so incredibly good!

 0Posted on Dec 14th, 2008 | re: NME's Top 50 Albums Of 2008 (72 comments)

i think the logic would be: i really loved the album. i realize that it wasn’t the most proficient or cohesive. i’m glad to see it getting some love on this list. not terribly difficult to understand.

 0Posted on Dec 11th, 2008 | re: NME's Top 50 Albums Of 2008 (72 comments)

glad to see crystal castles placed so high on the list… even if it didn’t necessarily deserve it.

 0Posted on Oct 30th, 2008 | re: Joe The Plumber Getting Record Deal? (18 comments)

how do they expect his story to sell records? seriously. i’d like to hear their theory

 0Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 | re: Once Coming To Broadway (11 comments)

surely there are better ideas for musicals out there…

She was tactful and got her (good) points across. Get over yourself.

 0Posted on Aug 20th, 2008 | re: New Guns N' Roses - "Shackler's Revenge" (77 comments)

why are you even bothering to comment?

 0Posted on Aug 12th, 2008 | re: New Franz Ferdinand - "Lucid Dreams" (10 comments)

didn’t work for me either, but it’s posted on youtube:

 0Posted on Aug 5th, 2008 | re: Video Hangover: Puddle Of Mudd - "She Fucking Hates Me" (32 comments)

i’m still embarrassed to say that i thought this was a nirvana song the first time i heard it. such a stupid kid.