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Yeah I've forgotten the names of the band members so I'd like a new ep of UTU2TM as well.
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September 9, 2014 on U2 Release Free Album Songs Of Innocence And Debut “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)” At Apple Event
Quadrophenia is just such a ridiculously good album. Every time I revisit it I'm blown away by how good they are at their respective instruments, especially Entwistle and Moon.
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February 15, 2013 on The Who Albums From Worst To Best
well I guess I can give up hope that Yeasayer will ever make songs more like "Wait for the Summer" again. nothing against this new direction, but its just not for me.
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June 21, 2012 on Yeasayer – “Longevity”
I fully agree with this comment. theres no reason to declare a winner now, I'm looking forward to both of these albums more than anything else this year. and Feels is my favourite AnCo album.
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June 7, 2012 on Grizzly Bear – “Sleeping Ute”
I think they're song titles, because they've been playing a song called "Mercury" live, and "Mercury Man" is listed here. Also, "Father Time" totally sounds like and AnCo song title.
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May 13, 2012 on Animal Collective Centipede Hz LP Out In September
yeah, I really liked it. "sweet hookup", enough said.
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February 17, 2012 on Stereogum Buzz Chart: Week Of 2/12/12
i may have just popped two
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January 9, 2012 on Coachella 2012 Lineup
If you strike them down, they shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
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January 6, 2012 on Black Keys Pick A Fight With Nickelback