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 +1Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Premature Evaluation: Björk Vulnicura (122 comments)

Huh, I guess I’m the only one who finds it weird that Homogenic gets lumped under “More ‘traditional’ instrumentation” while Biophilia gets put under “More electronic instrumentation?” Regardless of how she made it, the instrumentation on Biophilia sounds a lot more organic to me. Yes, Homogenic has “Bachelorette” and “Joga” on it, but it seems to me to have more synth sounds and, like, crashing glacier beats on it than not…
Otherwise that is a pretty cool diagram though. :)

 0Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Hipster Runoff Is Back ... And Up For Sale, BBs (6 comments)

Yes, but that doesn’t mean that jokes don’t have subtext to them. You can say that all the slutwave jokes and whatnot were just being “over the top,” but they still propagate certain attitudes towards woman in our culture… and really, the Rihanna/Chris Brown thing just actively showed a disrespect towards women.

You guuuuuuuys, I clicked on the link to that Billboard (ugh) article, can we talk about that other Bjork headline apparently littered all over their site?
“Björk’s New Album Has a 10-Minute Diss Track About Matthew Barney”
Yep, diss track. NAILED IT.

 +1Posted on Jan 20th | re: Hipster Runoff Is Back ... And Up For Sale, BBs (6 comments)

In the brief period of time where I really got into Hipster Runoff, I wrote off the way he talked about women in bands as being a form of satire. Then I told a friend about the site, and the first post she saw was something about Chris Brown, where Carles was posting pictures of a battered Rihanna and making fun of people who were still upset at Brown for the domestic violence thing.
Soooo, yeah, that helped me make up my mind on whether he was a misogynist or not.
Can’t really say that I’m sad at all to see the site go.

 0Posted on Jan 14th | re: FKA Twigs - "Pendulum" Video (15 comments)

She didn’t co-direct How’s That either, because I remember reading in an interview (I think with Jesse Kanda?) that she gave Kanda free reign on it. But otherwise, yes. :)

 +2Posted on Jan 13th | re: Purity Ring - "Begin Again" + Another Eternity Details (14 comments)

Hm, the thought (/evidence) of a move towards a more pop sound for Purity Ring makes me a little sad… hopefully the whole album’s not like that… but I like how it’s at least offset by that droning bass and the gothy tinge to the synths.
Though I’m still liking this more than Push Pull too.

 +1Posted on Jan 13th | re: Bonnaroo 2015 Lineup (82 comments)

Though I’m unfamiliar with Belle (how did he/she get top billing?) Is he/she also from an 80s hair metal band??????

 +3Posted on Jan 13th | re: Bonnaroo 2015 Lineup (82 comments)

I’m so glad the Stereogum commentariat is excited about this guy.

 0Posted on Dec 31st, 2014 | re: The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 Albums And Songs Of 2014 (116 comments)

Yeah, I like Can’t Do Without You, but I get ya. If something doesn’t have a lot in the way of vocals I’m less likely to get into it, which I think is part of the reason why I’m feeling meh about that Caribou album, but seriously jamming to the Jessy Lanza song on there. Granted, Can’t Do Without You took a long time to soak in for me, perhaps it’s the same for the rest of the album…

 0Posted on Dec 25th, 2014 | re: The 2014 Gummy Awards: Vote For The Best Music Of The Year (111 comments)

Hm, I have a friend who had pretty much the same reaction, whereas for me I haven’t been able to get into the rest of the album nearly as much. I guess it really is an outlier for that album…