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 +2Posted on Dec 6th | re: Making Sense Of The 2015 Grammy Nominations (76 comments)

Well put. Though it’s the way they try to pass the Grammys off as some distinguished critics choice award that I find so gross.
At least the fucking VMAs and BIllboard Awards are honest about what they are.

So, we’re not considering PJ Harvey as part of the alt-rock scene?

 +4Posted on Nov 20th | re: Album Of The Week: Chumped Teenage Retirement (75 comments)

Seriously. I had this vague hope that it would get AOTW, but didn’t really think it would happen…

Because the measure of how disturbing something is isn’t necessarily about how graphically it’s depicted, but can also be the concept. And rape is an awful thing, and the concept of throwing in rape scenes for shock value or to act as a tragic beauty accessory (as dansolo so wonderfully put it), is pretty gross/disturbing. So, I’m not really seeing the confusion here. Seems pretty gross to me for all these people to be like “eh, rape, whatever.”

Comment of the week, y/y?

 0Posted on Nov 20th | re: Caribou @ Webster Hall, NYC 11/14/14 (1 comments)

Great write up, and thanks for helping better sum up why I haven’t been able to get into Our Love as much (Daphni just really doesn’t do it for me).
Though, no mention of Jessy Lanza…? I caught this tour when it was in Boston a few days earlier, and really enjoyed her set.

 +1Posted on Nov 6th | re: Watch FKA twigs' Incredible Tonight Show Performance (24 comments)

I saw her too this summer, and was actually pretty disappointed in the vocals, because her singing voice live CAN be utterly stunning. But the intimate, breathy vocals she used 90% of the time in the concert are very hard to pull off live… both from the technical, singing perspective, and just on account of sound systems, acoustics, noisey audiences, and whatnot. She even whisper-sung her way through “Weak Spot,” and I could barely hear any of it. I mean, I’ve got to give her props for her dedication to doing things her way, but I hope she figures out soon that it doesn’t work well live (or at least seems to be waaay more prone to not working out).

…it is actually a little weird though to concede that FKA twigs is not perfect, artistically speaking, since sometimes it almost seems that way…

 +5Posted on Oct 29th | re: PJ Harvey - "Red Right Hand" (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Cover) (5 comments)

Huh, so the show’s called Peaky Blinders, and they’re not sure it’s British enough…?

Also, that bit about deconstructing PJ’s music and weaving it through, whaaaaat? That sounds interesting, details!

 +1Posted on Oct 27th | re: William H. Macy Is Still Talking Shit About One Direction (21 comments)

Naive, or just really optimistic. But yes, this!

 +1Posted on Oct 6th | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (7 comments)

I’m glad that the video from The Bug made it on here, that was great, and I loved the surreal treatment they gave the “Void” part of the video, and how well it all tied together as a whole.

The FlyLo video is great too, but I’m kind of surprised (considering how late this comment is to the party) that no one has pointed out that this video is practically a remake of the stunning Until The Quiet Comes short film. Granted, there are definitely themes in here that bear repeating, especially with all that’s been going down in Ferguson….