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Tom, does the VW comment mean you're higher on Modern Vampires now than when you wrote the premature evaluation? Thought you undersold it. Then again, I thought P4k's 9.3 was underselling too. Thing's a damn classic.
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May 17, 2013 on Album Of The Week: Dungeonesse Dungeonesse
My guess is Tom was much much happier about writing this than he was writing about that new National nap anthem.
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April 8, 2013 on Undertow Turns 20
Tom does. That's part of what he means by "Midwestern triple-time sing rap". BTNH, Do or Die, Twista, Crucial Conflict, etc.
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November 3, 2011 on Mixtape Of The Week: ASAP Rocky LIVELOVEA$AP
Thoughtful plea for civility and perspective.
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October 12, 2011 on NME‘s 150 Best Tracks Of The Past 15 Years