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Oh man. My hatred of J-Biebz is pitted against my equally significant hatred of festival security. I don't know how to feel about this.
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April 13, 2015 on Justin Bieber Reportedly Thrown Out Of Coachella After Scuffle With Security
They're not wrong.
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April 13, 2015 on Mumford & Sons Blast Tidal And The “Plutocrats” Behind It
Saw them play a tiny venue in my home town a few years ago and completely tear it up. One of the best live acts you'll ever see.
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April 3, 2015 on Watch Calexico Perform “Falling From The Sky” On Conan
Their only mistake was to take a leaf out of Amanda Palmer's book.
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April 3, 2015 on Garbage Respond To Photographer’s Open Letter After They Asked To Use His Photo For Free
If anyone's able to tell the difference between flac and high end mp3s they possess superhuman hearing and should be studied as the medical marvels they are. I can't believe we're still at a point where people actually believe there's any perceivable difference. This is not controversial in the least - it has been thoroughly debunked.
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April 2, 2015 on Behold The Half-Assed Hubris Of Tidal
Breaking news, old folks are traffic hazards. in related news, water still wet.
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March 23, 2015 on David Crosby Drives Into Jogger At 55 MPH
She should put this on the album.
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March 9, 2015 on Grimes – “REALiTi” Video
Sometimes it's time to come to term with the past and look towards the future. Look, I can spout empty platitudes too.
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March 4, 2015 on Yolandi From Die Antwoord Picks A Fight With Drake
Because the number one priority of punk rock bands have always been to make sure never to rub anyone the wrong way or be in any way offensive or disruptive to mainstream society.
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March 4, 2015 on Viet Cong Show Cancelled Because Of Offensive Band Name
Not sure I see how having different standards for word usage depending on people's skin color or sexual orientation is supposed to help fight cultural segregation and difference. These words are either okay or not okay, and the "rules" should be the same for everybody.
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March 4, 2015 on Yolandi From Die Antwoord Picks A Fight With Drake
I didn't find anything condescending about the language. (Your own reply, however...) I suggest educating yourself to the point where you don't feel threatened by thoughtful, well formulated arguments.
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February 28, 2015 on Kid Rock Doesn’t Get Beyoncé: Where’s Her “Sweet Home Alabama”?
One of the best albums ever made. Transcendental.
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February 28, 2015 on To Bring You My Love Turns 20
Cats are cool. I like cats.
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February 24, 2015 on Best Coast – “California Nights” Video
This news is great in all the ways this new website layout is not
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February 21, 2015 on Run The Jewels Are Recording With Massive Attack
Which season was that? I cannae recount it
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February 20, 2015 on Father John Misty Met Marilyn Manson; Hilarity Ensued
If they ever do an all-female remake of Grumpy Old Men, Kim Gordon is a shoe-in
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February 20, 2015 on Kim Gordon Trashes Lana Del Rey: “[She] Doesn’t Even Know What Feminism Is”
To me this is just overpriced merch. But bring on the album itself.
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February 19, 2015 on PJ Harvey Selling Lyric Sheets From Her Public Recording Project
I don't know, I kind of like this
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February 19, 2015 on Best Coast Announce Major Label Debut Album California Nights
I was just worried I had somehow missed some essential piece of quasi-celeb dirt, which obvs would have been unacceptable. That twitter thing will absolutely suffice though!
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February 13, 2015 on Watch Charli XCX Sing “Doing It” On Graham Norton