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Maybe “parents” should try to actually just spend time with their kids, rather than having to photograph and record everything all the time. Nobody else cares about your kids.

See how that works, people care differently about different things and express it in different ways.

A guy in the audience probably sneezed or something.

If his episodes are that bad I’m assuming he never uses stage lighting and is prohibited from having a driver’s license

 +3Posted on Nov 16th | re: Neil Young Says "Goodbye Starbucks" In Angry Open Letter (32 comments)

BTW, “Food babe” is a dangerous, uninformed fraud.
Please don’t refer to her blog as a source of legitimate information.

 +5Posted on Nov 16th | re: Neil Young Says "Goodbye Starbucks" In Angry Open Letter (32 comments)

“A 2012 statement by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) concluded:

“As a result and contrary to popular misconceptions, GM crops are the most extensively tested crops ever added to our food supply. There are occasional claims that feeding GM foods to animals causes aberrations ranging from digestive disorders, to sterility, tumors and premature death. Although such claims are often sensationalized and receive a great deal of media attention, none have stood up to rigorous scientific scrutiny. Indeed, a recent review of a dozen well-designed long-term animal feeding studies comparing GM and non-GM potatoes, soy, rice, corn and triticale found that the GM and their non-GM counterparts are nutritionally equivalent.”

The National Academies of Science agrees:

“To date, no adverse health effects attributed to genetic engineering have been documented in the human population.”

The World Health Organization also agrees:

“GM foods currently traded on the international market have passed risk assessments in several countries and are not likely, nor have been shown, to present risks for human health.”

As referred to by the AAAS, reviews of animal feed studies have concluded:

“Results obtained from testing GM food and feed in rodents indicate that large (at least 100-fold) ‘safety’ margins exist between animal exposure levels without observed adverse effects and estimated human daily intake. Results of feeding studies with feed derived from GM plants with improved agronomic properties, carried out in a wide range of livestock species, are discussed. The studies did not show any biologically relevant differences in the parameters tested between control and test animals.”

Critics claim there has not been enough testing. It is easy, however, to simply ask for more testing and make that seem as if it is the rational position. This is the same strategy used by antivaccinationists – no testing is ever enough, and the precautionary principle is endlessly invoked [...]”


 +3Posted on Nov 14th | re: Dave Grohl Weighs In On Taylor Swift Vs. Spotify (47 comments)

we play the songs that sound more like everyone else, than anyone else

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 +5Posted on Nov 5th | re: Watch FKA twigs' Incredible Tonight Show Performance (24 comments)

it’s difficult to comment on the basis of the above video due to its potatocam-level quality.

 -1Posted on Nov 4th | re: Die Antwoord - "Ugly Boy" Video (22 comments)

Blackface is offensive purely because of its culturally determined connotations. I happen to live in a country utterly bereft of those very connotations. But I’m glad to have such a lofty moral authority present to motivate me into automatic kneejerk reactions. The world certainly needs more of those.

 -1Posted on Nov 4th | re: Die Antwoord - "Ugly Boy" Video (22 comments)

Blackface is offensive to Americans because of the Jim Crow tradition of white actors dressing up as black people specifically to ridicule them for entertainment.

If you’re offended by this practice and living somewhere without this odd cultural heritage your outrage is probably better spent elsewhere.