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"What do you guys mean I'm not as racy or edgy or mean or whatever as you guys? I am so!" - Jerry WHINEfeld.
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October 19, 2011 on Ricky Gervais Has Gone Completely Off The Rails
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October 6, 2011 on A Guy Falls Off Of A Bike
Haha, it looks like a vacuum-snake vacuuming up a bunch of sticks. Hahaha. Cute vacuum-snake.
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October 5, 2011 on Uh, Have You Ever Heard Of Stick Bombs?
You should probably be more ghostly.
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September 24, 2011 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
RG: No, I WANT YOU TO MARRY ME. VG: I thought you'd never ask! Kelly: Me too? RG: No.
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September 22, 2011 on A Fake Interview With Ryan Gosling
Is this the sign-up sheet for the official Two and a Half Men caption contest?
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September 20, 2011 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Two And A Half Men Season Premiere
You want a toothpick?
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September 20, 2011 on The Videogum Movie Club: Drive
Well "A different Joe", we can't blame you for trying, but I think there's a point where one has to stop trying to convince someone they're wrong. In this case, that point was when we found out about Joe's belief that the American military's presence in the Middle East is protecting our freedom and giving us a "cushy, cushy environement" and that he has never heard of the White Stripes.
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February 12, 2010 on Air Force Rips Off White Stripes For Super Bowl Ad