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 0Posted on May 29th | re: Watch St. Vincent Play Jools Holland (4 comments)

Since this is so similar to her SNL performance so I don’t have much to comment on, I’ll just say that the keyboardist looks just like one of Joker’s henchmen from the 1989 Batman movie.

This is a fantastic read. Thanks for posting.

This is a great song. Really digging it.

 0Posted on Jan 15th | re: Album Of The Week: Big Ups Eighteen Hours Of Static (6 comments)

No love for James Vincent McMorrow’s Post Tropical? It’s a fantastic album in my opinion. Later Bon Iver/James Blake territory, but also something fresh about it. Highly recommended.

 +3Posted on Dec 5th, 2013 | re: Arctic Monkeys - "You're So Dark" (12 comments)

Arctic Monkeys are the band with by far the most quality B-Sides, and also among the more generous bands in terms of sharing non-album tracks. They probably have another 2-3 albums worth of quality songs available.

 +21Posted on Dec 3rd, 2013 | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013 (498 comments)

So is the Arctic Monkey’s…

 +1Posted on Oct 7th, 2013 | re: Stream Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt (7 comments)

There’s a band called Lightning Bolt with an album called Pearl Jam? What a weird coincidence!

 +2Posted on Sep 13th, 2013 | re: Watch ALT-J Play Fallon (2 comments)

I like Alt-J, but they should really add some touring members. Their sound is so thin live. It really doesn’t do the songs any justice.

You guys actually posted a link to a live full band version of this song at SWSX this year. It sounds great both ways!

 +1Posted on Aug 8th, 2013 | re: Nothing - "Dig" (Stereogum Premiere) (2 comments)

I really dig this. Get it? You get it. But seriously, this is good.