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Shh, let him figure out on his own.
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July 5, 2011 on Congratulations, As Always, To Joey Chestnut And Everyone
Can we agree to all never talk about the "oh na na" backing vocals at the end, sung in a way that only one song ever has (a Rihanna song)?
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June 17, 2011 on Chris Brown (Featuring Justin Bieber) “Next 2 U” Open Thread
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June 3, 2011 on The Videogum 6-Month Performance Review
Perhaps we spoke too soon, Ke$ha. Please come back.
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June 2, 2011 on Design The Skyline Is YOUR Generation’s Brokencyde
I'd like to thank God for not having a public access station near where I grew up, because I had the luxury of toothbrush microphones and no cameras when I regularly did this exact thing to this exact song. DC Talk! They had a song called "2 Honks And A Negro"!
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April 29, 2011 on The Tenth Spring Jam Of 2011: “Nu Thang”
This isn't surprising. The city's had a real identity crisis since Aunt Oona moved away.
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April 26, 2011 on That’s Your City: POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Pennsylvania
Please tell me I hear the song "Scotty Doesn't Know" from the movie "Eurotrip" playing in this fine piece of sportsmanship
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March 30, 2011 on Normal Shirts Vs. Normal Skins Stuff
That's a pretty good point. More people should hold Martha Stewart's feet to the fire about that time she beat the shit out of someone half her size. IT'S TIME TO SPEAK TRUTH TO BIG MARTHA!
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March 24, 2011 on An Open Letter To Good Morning America Concerning The Chris Brown Situation
The only thing that really worried me was the Four Loko. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of getting Loko, and I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.
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March 10, 2011 on Best New Party Game 48: Shut Up, Dad
Sadly, Matthew Lesko's time as Flame Glove spokesperson was short lived... RIP ML
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January 12, 2011 on Flame Glove System Demo
After seeing what's going on on that Reddit link, I do see that a lot of opportunities for good to come to this guy's life will come from all of this. I don't think his story shouldn't be told by any means. I'm really glad that positive things are coming from this. The "pet benevolence project" comment I made was misguided. That was a result of a flood of cynicism that came from watching the first part of that video. It's great that this is happening, and that the man had an opportunity to tell his story, but the tone of everything in that video before the story was there for a "news narrative", and is the ugliest face of an exploitive industry.
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January 4, 2011 on This Homeless Man Barely Even Sounds Homeless If You Can Believe It
Sure, this guy needs help, just like all homeless people need help (even the millions who don't sound like how you think Don Cheadle probably would before you heard him), but fuck this video. Fuck the asshole who put this together. God, this made me so mad. The fucking "earn your dollar, dance for me" nature of it was gross. Obviously, I mean no ill will toward the homeless man, and really hope that things work out for him (I suppose one person being the internet's pet benevolence project is better than no person being the internet's pet benevolence project), but good Christ, the guy who made this video and that voiceover is a despicable prick. #outragegum
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January 4, 2011 on This Homeless Man Barely Even Sounds Homeless If You Can Believe It
Survival shows are popular. Dating shows are popular. Neither of them could possibly be any more popular than they are at this very moment. That's why NBC and Endemol have decided to strike while the iron's very, very hot.
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November 15, 2010 on Love In The Wild Is About To Be Our New Favorite Show
You think that one's cool? RSA just keeps pumping out the hits!
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November 3, 2010 on Stay Safe Online, You Guys
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October 18, 2010 on Why Single Girls Want To Meet European Men
That was terrifying. I'm not going to be able to sleep for almost more than nineteen days.
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October 14, 2010 on Tommy Wiseau’s The House That Drips Blood On Alex Presented In Its Entirety Without Commentary
"But seriously, folks, the caddies at Crystal Pines Country Club are terrible. Let's think about some change." -The next paragraph
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September 21, 2010 on That’s Your Newspaper: The Lake Crystal Tribune
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September 17, 2010 on These Guys Are VERY Excited About The Brooklyn Tornado
No way, that's a new building. Goons like that would never live in a place that's been lived in already.
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September 17, 2010 on These Guys Are VERY Excited About The Brooklyn Tornado